A Walk In Space 

Set on the layer of cotton clouds,

We kiss.

Levitating above,

Stepping into the cosmos.


Up above there,

Mirabilia occurs.

Heaven exist, angelic smiles

Showering us their blessings.


Skylarking with the tinsel stars,

In the constellations.

Reaching higher and higher,

Tattling with the moon.


Wrapped in the flocculent clouds,

We cosset amorously.

Whole universe smiles,

And quietly admires us.


Lying insouciantly,

On the periphery of Moon.

Woolgathering gleefully,

Listless about the world.

National Pasta Day! 

Just got to know, today 17th October is National Pasta Day from a blog post of a fellow blogger Foodimentary-National Food Holidays. How interesting!! Though this day is a US phenomenon, but who cares, if anyone loves Pasta but is Indian or whoever. Ain’t it?😉

And being a crazy Pasta lover, I couldn’t stop myself writing this short post. For me, Pasta is another substitute to Nestle Maggie Noodles. When there is nothing, there is Pasta.  In fact, I’m having it in my dinner from last three days continuously. I’m sure you guys must be thinking stupid of me. But sometimes, it’s fun to be stupid. Lol. 😁

Pasta is basically an Italian cuisine which then immigrated along turned to be a staple of international cuisine. Found in various forms on the basis of shapes- Spaghetti, Penne, Tri-color Fusilli, Fettuccine, Butterfly pasta, Shells, etc; I usually love to have Tri-color Fusilli and Penne. What about your taste? 

I can savour Pasta at any time of the day. Just decide your favorite Pasta dish and have it with your Friends and loved ones. How amazing! A very Happy National Pasta Day. Relish Pasta and enjoy your day. ☺
And Of course I’m gonna eat pasta today too. Yay! 😹😻

Spread love and Happiness! 😍❤

Stay connected.🙂

Excuse Me, Demon! 

I was horrified. Someone behind me lied. It touched my shoulder. I couldn’t see. My eyes curiously searched for the demon throughout the night. I could neither sleep nor breathe. The satan was invisible. All I could feel was the deadly presence of nefarious souls surrounding me. The illusion of the dreadful personna shadowed me and quavered my heartbeats. Each and every moment following that night seemed to be a burden enveloping my life. My soul demanded the Almighty either to narcotize me or to end my existence. But it had to be continued. The night seemed to be a millenium. The darkness exacerbated my pain. As the moments passed, I found my heart trapped between chimerical fantasy and reality. Somehow, I foregathered my courage and shouted, “Excuse Me, Demon”. I was left aghast and completely bewildered when I found my alter egos in such a villainous demeanour.

Along The Seashore!

Along the seashore
With luscious tides waving high,

My heart lurched into your throbbing heartbeats.

As our heartbeats matched the frequency,

I thanked the sempiternal nature to offer us its polyphonic melody.

That intoxicating magic you spell over me,

Such beguiling;

I run short of words to express my everlasting love for you.

My mavourneen, let’s stop here only,

And embrace these dulcet tones till this world goes on and on …