Her Love for Books

they told she dwelled in book stories and fairy tales and that she was too naive to understand the verity of the world and she loved too hard to be consumed nobody knew nobody understood the books made her happy hopeful optimistic rejuvenated her in sad times bloomed more in happy times induced the pearls […]

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Moon and the Secrets

tonight I stared at the moon with the same ardor you used to stare at me I smiled at it it seemed to be a bit gloomy yet looked so mesmerizing and wishpered to me the secrets I promised it to keep it with me forever and ever.. -SHREYA

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I lost a part of me and the undeniable faith in the universe, stars, sky and ocean when I abandoned him and devalued the sanctity of my own love -SHREYA

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Psychological Contract Survey

Dear Respondent, I am currently doing my HR Internship in ABP News Network Pvt. Ltd. under which I am doing a research study for which a survey is conducted to explore the employee obligations and expectations and further understanding the employee relations in an organization. It would be highly appreciable if you provide with the […]

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Moon (Savior) 

in the state of loneliness  and desolation  in the midst of utter hustle-bustle  it is only moon who solaces her  out of all the calignosity of hazy sky  moon, who mollifies her pains  accompanies her and cast his silver light  over her pale face  and revives her in seconds  and makes her feel like a […]

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He dissolves me

he may be innocent  and a lovesome soul  but he plays wicked  extremely wicked  when he seduces me  with his outspoken eyes  and beguiling gaze  and how fondly  he moves towards me  and makes me his own  and I’m gone  melted in his arms  and dissolved  -SHREYA 

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Am I Volatile? 

Something screams through my mind and echoes through my soul which I can’t perhaps listen and scrutinize. Drifting away from childhood and innocence, it pierce my soul and puts me into the introspection of varying phases of wicked reality. For a moment, it appears a dilemma, other second, a wandering route for me where I […]

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