An Unconditional L❤ve #Part X

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He surrendered his wounds

To her when she uttered,

“I love you no matter what.”


“I love you no matter what.”

She didn’t say.

Her care and infrangible

Trust for him uttered.


This isSumitOfficialandShreya’s10th love collaboration together. We are loving the fact that it is being loved by all the wonderful avid readers. And it’s you, who’s making us write such collaboration. I am also grateful for all the readers for appreciating the efforts made by writers to make Unconditional Love Series by Shreya and SumitOfficial.

I don’t know why love is the topic which is only taught in books and philosophies in the world. When actually it require commitments from the other person. Commitments not that fake promises. It takes time to learn and understand someone/something deeply. It takes hell lot of time..

That’s when he says, “I love you…

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Happy Krishna Janmashthami! ☺

Happy Krishna Janmashtami to everyone! 😍☺
Janmashtami is one of the auspicious occasions in Hinduism. It is the birthday of Lord Krishna. It falls generally in the month of August every year. And precisely, according to Hindu calender, the birthday is celebrated on Ashtami of the Krishna Paksh.The sacred festival is celebrated with imcomparable devotion and unbeatable enthusiasm.

It was a turbulent night when the most powerful human incarnation of Lord vishnu was born in Mathura around 5000 years ago. He was born to Vasudeva and Devki ji in prison. His parents were imprisoned by Kans (his uncle) as he had foreboding from sky he’d be assassinated by the 8th son of Devki. When he took birth, the prison got opened by itself, Vasudev got out of them and decided to hand over Krishna to his friend Nandbaba in Gokul ( a place near Mathura) to save him from Kans. Krishna grew up in Gokul with great love and affection from Yashoda Maiyya and Nandbaba. He was their apple of eye. 💖

I feel so fortunate to tell you, I belong to Mathura. Yes, Lord Krishna’s birth place. It’s been 20 years I’m living at this place. And I have been always fascinated by it. I feel a divine presence. After all, it’s ‘Krishna Ki Nagri’.☺ Right?
I can’t depict the joy how the day is celebrated in Mathura. Solely know as braj. All the places under Mathura: Vrindavana, Gokul, Barsana (Radha’s place), Goverdhan etc. comes in the periphery of Mathura. This day is celebrated with great decorum. You can find celebration going on in each and every street of Mathura and Vrindavan. Krishna resides in every soul here. 💝


The main temple of Krishna, Shri Krishna Janmsthan, where Lord Krishna took birth is vast and impeccable. Yes, it the place where the prison was located. If you’ve been there, you can’t stop admire the beauty of this heaven. There are no cameras allowed, otherwise I’d have uploaded the inside pictures. ☺💖


It’s the picture of rear view of outer part of Janmbhumi. It is decorated with lightings and flowers extravagantly all around on this day. The adornment is incredibly beautiful. You can’t take your eyes off. 💖😍
And let me tell you, the temple is just two steps away from my home. 💟😍💟

On the day of Janmashthami, there is a lot of crowd hovering around. People from different parts of the country and also from abroad come to visit and take the blessings of Krishna.


There is no place to open the gate of my house. It’s blocked by the crowd.😁 (last year’s picture, Sorry for the bad quality). Myriad of people gather to visit the temple on Janmashtami.🙂

It’s said that there are lagest number of temples in the city of Mathura and Vridavan. Actually true. There are many temples, each so beautiful, you can’t compare. The various temples; Krishna Janmbhumi, Keshav Dev, Dwarkadeesh, Bihari ji, Birla Mandir(Geeta Mandir), Prem Mandir, Akshay Patra, Iskon Temple, etc. It’s quite impossible to name them all.
I can share some of the pictures with you.


A picture from Akshaypatra. ☺


It’s the picture of model of “Chandrodaya Mandir” which is being constructed in Mathura, going to be World’s tallest temple of 700 feet and area covered is 5,40,000 square feet. 💖 Few months ago, the president came to inaugrate its making.🙂

Let me share lovely pictures from Prem Mandir 💖 (as lovely as it’s name 😘)






At night ☺

I wish I had more pictures but as of now, I dont have anymore. Janmashthami is a pious occasion celebrated with mirth. I love the piousness all around. As we all know, Kanha ji is so notorious as well as adorable. And so the celebration goes in every house. The iridescent atmosphere takes the breath away. So merry-making. The grandiloquent aura drives everyone in awe. 🌠🌟

I feel sad, I am not at my place due to my studies. Today, I am missing my place badly. Though God is everywhere, but the holiness you can feel at Mathura at this day, it’s impossible to find anywhere. I love you Kanha ji 😘😘 And I missed you a lot today.
Happy B’day. Shower us your blessings! 😍💟💖

Wish you all a very Happy Janmashtami again. 💝☺🙇

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Happy Rakshabandhan: Sister, A Blessing ❤

Hello everyone!
Wish you all a very Happy Rakshabandhan.🙂
I know you all must be enjoying with your brothers and sisters. Siblings are one of loveliest part of our lives, gifted by our parents. 😋 Our junior or elder replica. Ain’t it? They are stupid, impish, sweet and querrulous altogether. ❤

Today, on this auspicious occasion, everyone is posting about their sister-brother bonds and I can’t resist writing about my sister. ☺
It feels great to see siblings sharing about their adorable relationships all around.
But I see some girls feel sad and unfortunate who don’t have brother. It’s kinda stupid. I have a younger sister. And I have never felt any need to have a brother.


She is 3.5 years younger than me. I wish we were together today. But due to my studies, I’m out of my place. Else, I’d have been annoying her. Yes!! I love teasing her. 😁 I am the elder one, but from my habits, it never seem like that. I’m always teasing her and she is yelling at me lot. And then my mom scolds me and kicks me out of the room. 😁 It’s not fair, right?? 😂

My sister is premature one. Even my parents, and my friends tell me that she is more mature than me (Some of friends’ parents also LOL😂) I am short-tempered and don’t have any patience to bear anything. While she, at such tender age of 17, is so understanding and compatible. Her sang-froid is her strength. My mom always appreciates her more. (I think, she loves her more than me 😁)

In fact, sometimes she is so good I doubt, how can someone be so generous and I perceive her as fake (oops! Sorry 😁) and then tell my parents about her being fake. And then guess, what happens next?? I get kicked off again. 😒😹

Lemme share an adorable pic of us. ❤


Whenever I have to do something new, I eat out her mind asking questions repeatedly. It’s hell lot of fun. And when I go somewhere out, I ask again and again, “Am I looking good?”. Nothing could be intersting than looking at her face at that instant. 😁 And when I ask her to take a click of mine, she makes such a weird face I can’t depict, because she already knows, I’d be forcing her to click thousands of pictures instead of one. 😹😹 hahaha!! Sorry baby. But you have to do this thing for me throughout life.

She is a technophile. She literally considers me as a fool when I discuss about any technology or what to her. 😼 But it’s ok. I actually consider myself a fool when compared to her at some points. LOL
But yes, I do sing well. You can appreciate me for my skerrical happiness. 😒😁


I hate it, she always looks better than me in pics. Sometimes, I envy. 😹 She is beauty with brains indeed. ❤
She is kinda favorite person in her circle. Everyone around her loves her. She has got such an ebullient nature. Her friends are mad about her. And her teachers admire her a lot. I am proud of you, baby. ❤

The best thing about her, she is passionate about her studies. I see her dreams twinkling in her bright eyes at such a young age. I love her dedication. She works assiduously. She is a complete package. She is versatile. I know baby, your dreams will come true and you’ll achieve great success in your life. Have faith in God. Be yourself. ☺❤👌

But yes, sometimes she is so immersed in her studies, she does’t talk to me nicely. (Actually, she is in 12th grade preparing for her board exams). But it’s not good. You should talk to me na. I hate you at that time. 😒😼😻
Otherwise, I’d keep irritating you.
I hope, next time I’ll come home, you’ll talk to me a lot lot and lot. 💖💖

Despite such an age difference, she has always been a great friend to me. I have shared most of the things to her. I love telling her my stories incessantly. 😍 God bless our eternal sister-bond and sweet camaraderie. I love you, Prachi (her name). The only thing that trickles me is, Muma loves you more. I have always observed that. Sachchii😼😂😱 But it’s allright. After all you are the scion among us and deserve all our love and affection. :)💖
I’m always there to guide, protect and support you. ☺ Never forget.

I know this got so sweet and you wouldn’t be expecting this from me. But yes, it happened. Your rude sister has transformed into a sweet pal. 💖😍😻

Thank you friends for tolerating my post. I find it somewhere annoying.😁 I’m just overwhelming with emotions. 😍 I can tell infinite things but I don’t want to bother everyone reciting our idiosyncracies. 😹😹

And Happy Rakhi to everyone once again.
Spread love and happiness. ❤

PS: When I wrote it and was about to post it an hour ago, it somehow got deleted instead of getting posted. I was shattered. I had not copied it anywhere. I cried. 😒 But It was SumitOfficial, who encouraged me to write again and show off my love to my sister. He made me realize the upcoming happiness of my sister after reading it. Thank you so much, Sumit. If you were not there, it won’t be possible for me to gather all my emotions and write this post again. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. Love. ❤😍

The Road That Took Me To An Abstract World


Interminable roads take me somewhere.
Diverging me towards a path; Unsearched, unknown.
A point where
the destiny fails,
the world ends,
to an elusive firmament.

I move and move along the flow.
Seeking an urge to uncover mysteries;
Unexplored, unknown.
I step up high,
A place where
the angles appear,
the satans die,
in the immeasurable heaven.

Reached aloft in a furtive world.
I wonder, if this is an artifice or reality;
Undiscovered, unknown.
I feel like a bird
discharged from the servitude,
taking flight in the air,
released from an aviary.


Happy Birth Day Mahesh! ☺

Happy B’Day Mahesh!! May God bless you. ☺🎂
You have gotta great mind and heart with lots of positivity residing there. I am sure, your optimistic approach will take you to the greatest heights in your life. ☺

I don’t think there is any need to introduce Mahesh. To those who don’t him, I’d love to tell, he is a great blogger. He writes amazing blogs and poetries. And he excels at writing Science fictions. I appreciate it very much. He is also working for a Secret Love series. Now-a-days, he is also breaking records for doing collaborations. 😍😝 But again, he is laudable at it. 👌

Before coming to this blogosphere, I never had an idea I’d meet such lovely people here. And Mahesh, you are one of them.

Mahesh is an enthusiastic soul. He always seems to be energetic at any point of time. He’ll ping you with his “Good morning”, “Good night” whatsapp texts without missing any day. 😂 (okay Sorry). These are mandatory. 😁

He is so awesome that he has his blog named “Awesomengers”. Kudos to his positivity and awesomeness. 😜😍😁

Thank you Mahesh for always appreciating my work. Your kind words of admiration boost me to write more. And the tag which you have given me “Collab Queen”. That’s so sweet of you. ❤ Thank you so much for that. ☺

Mahesh is so positive that even he has a sophisticated voice. 😁 I recently discovered it over the call when I wished him his birth day. 😹😍😝

I hope Mahesh, you’ll give me more tips to write fiction. (As I am bad at it). And this time, those sensible ones which you have tried. 😁

Happy B’day again dude. I wish you fulfil your dreams, achieve success in your life, have a good journey ahead. Keep writing, keep blogging. Stay smiling. Be a good friend always. Be yourself. ☺