NATURE: The Divine Beauty

Have you ever wondered what this world would look like if there were only modernization, shopping malls and complexes, huge buildings, digital towers all around?? No glimpse of Nature in any direction. I know, that’s practically impossible. Even no living being can survive without it, and eventually life would be nonexistent from this earth. Or who knows, earth will be omitted then. Though, now-a-days, we do enjoy a lot in this digital world, hover about the modernized things, love to hang out at built-up places, still let’s take a thought about it for a second virtually; and assume that life were independent of trees and every piece of nature. I guess, the whole scenario can turn out to be a huge disaster. Isn’t it? This world devoid of nature will be, no doubt, so insipid.

Nature is serene. It is beautiful. It is unique. From the lands to the Sky. The sun, the sand, the trees, the blooming flowers, the cool breeze that blows our mind soothes us. The stars and the moon above enlightens  the heart. Nature is the purest form of beauty. Beauty is God. We worship god. We worship nature. In Hindu culture, we worship Sun, Moon, Sand, Sky, trees, Star. Not being superstitious, but we do value the vital resources responsible for our survival.


Nature is everywhere in every form. In fact, it does define my mood sometimes. When it rains, I am immensely happy, and then suddenly the sun sparkles, that glorifying light, and sunny day pushes the kids to come out of the walls and play. As the clouds thunder , we are frightened. Nature does speak too. The color of the sky keeps transforming from pale to dark. It’s importance doesn’t lie in just providing foods and fulfilling our common needs like Rubber, Wood, Paper, etc, but it can explain anything within this world practically. Nothing is beyond nature. At my 7th grade, I was being taught a Poem in English class, penned by the great poet ‘Wordsworth’ in which he perfectly described the Daffodils dancing in the breeze. I remember, my mind and heart could visualize the described swaying  motion.

While along the sea-shore, it is one of the magnificent sight, the heavy flowing water kisses the shore-line, meets the sand and goes back. The waves seem to whisper something. The music they create is the icing on the cake. And then the night comes, lying on the ground and watching the stars in the sky is like having rendezvous with nature. Stillness all around and wishing it to be never ending. It drives me to euphoria. As quoted by Henry David Thoreau,

“Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads.”

According to scientists, patients in hospital recover faster if they are in a room with windows that offer a pleasant view and fresh air. Beyond being beauteous, nature also offers therapy for sick minds and bodies. This is why, meditation is always supposed to be done in an open atmosphere.

Anyway, answer me. Have you ever gone to the vast fields, shouted aloud, put on your camera and enjoyed with the eternal nature? It’s incredible. Believe me. This is my personal experience, few months ago. It felt insanely awesome. It was a tranquil outing. Let me share a picture with all of you which I clicked.


That day, I actually realized nature bestows upon us the divinity in every possible form.

Amidst the mountains, when we shout and the humongous mountains respond back. It feels the eternal beauty is getting friendly with us. The echo prevails. Seeing the alpenglow, the rays that brightens the whole earth.

All I want is to conclude that the people shouldn’t underestimate the power of nature. Don’t disturb it. Enjoy every part of it. We shouldn’t forget it due to the modernization. It should be preserved. So all the fellas there, don’t u agree??

Reviews are warmly welcomed. Thanks! 🙂


By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. hmm, Good topic.

    I really like your post and agreed. Nature is really important for us but, modernization is also part of it. Because each every modern things makes our lives easy. It’s subject of debate. But, really nature also important for us. I think both things are the wheels of lives and they drive our lives equally. If one can we loose for some reasons, we won’t live.

    Thanks for sharing such a wonderful thought with us. I really enjoyed and got some new things about it.

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    1. Thank you so much for appreciation. I am glad you liked my post and agree to it. I respect your views that you mentioned. Modernization is also a part of it. I just wanted to share we shouldn’t forget nature due to the coating of modernisation.

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  2. A super post well written and relevant., I found you on a blog share and came for a look. My husband sails so I understand the force of nature and respect it accordingly. Yes I frequently run and sing when out walking but my singing voice could be a threat to nature. 😇 I hope you visit my writers blog soon. I look forward to reading your comments.

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  3. ‘Heaven is under our feet as well as over our heads”, love this! Good reading. Thank you for posting. I’m also new in blogging, so hope you visit my page. I’ll share this post of yours in my space because I think it’s absolutely brilliant the way you put into words what Nature is all about.

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  4. this post shows d reality….!! somethng what we get for free we take it for granted…but it doesnt last foreva….!! thanku for this post for making us aware….abt what we wre ignoring snce now..!!

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  5. I loved your post I agree with you 100% most people these days forget to care about nature and abuse the privileged nature brings to us we all have to take care and appreciate nature because without it we wouldn’t be able to sustain life on earth

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