We humans are lovers of acceptance. We want to be accepted by everyone in everything. But life never goes straight. Unfortunately, rejection comes and we are devastated emotionally. We are doomed.

We can’t deny the fact that rejection hurts. Whatever the reason be. Whether it is due to getting fired from the Job or being dumped by your boyfriend or girlfriend, it feels like rejected by the world.

Sometimes, rejection is minor. But in some cases, it leads to a major damage. One of the main reason behind the emotional pain about rejection is Society peers.
A student comitted suicide because he failed in his 12th grade. It’s natural that he must have felt the pangs of rejection. But what caused him to take the way to death. He was not only rejected by exams but by himself in his heart. He was rejected by his parents following the social connections he had. And consequently, rejection became poison.

When one doesn’t score well, doesn’t make up to the best college, doesn’t get hired by the best corporate companies. And he gets constantly rejected. It hurts emotionally as well as physically.

I can here narrate my incident. I was a bright student in my school. I always got good grades and appreciated by my teachers. Everyone had great expectations from me. And what happened when I got my 12th standard result? I got a merely 80’s percentage. I got rejected by my parents, my teachers though it wasn’t that bad. Reason being I didn’t make it to 90, 95 tag. Thus, I felt rejected by myself too. Because I failed in fulfiling the criteria set by my well-wishers. I cried. I got an inferiority complex. I felt I couldn’t do anything. Today, I am in my final year of graduation and I don’t think that past result even matter. How painful a rejection be, it is always temporary.

Rejections are somehow important. It teaches us to make better decisions. If you are rejected by something or someone, it automatically pushes you to do better. When someone criticize you, you feel you arent’t worthy. You feel like a trash. But it doesn’t go like that. You are in fact redirerected to someone or something better and right ones you need. On the other hand, rejection teaches you how to reject.

God always has plans for you. Better ones. Have faith in him. One person who rejected you, job you got fired from, one school/college result doesn’t determine your potential and future. If you are rejected, learn from it. Make efforts wiser this time.

One of the thing we need to understand is we are being rejected by few people in our lives not by other seven billion people on earth. There are still a fraction of people who value us. Besides that, rejection comes to everyone. Rejection can’t be rejected. You have to bear it and recover. It is one of the parts of our lives.

Other thing, some things we assume as rejections are so lame. People not getting 100+ likes on their Facebook, Instagram pictures feel rejected. A blogger not getting likes on his blog feel he doesn’t write well. But it doesn’t relate to the context of reality. These are the virtual happinesses. The questions is Why? Why are you being bothered by a like from someone whom you barely know.

Rejection is never easy. But you don’t have to follow the standards set by the society. You don’t need to be approved or appreciated by everyone in this world. Think Wisely. Rejection is not always about you, sometimes it is the parts of circumstances and many other factors. Overcome rejection and move on.

25 thoughts on “Rejection

  1. we need to understand is we are being rejected by few people in our lives not by other seven billion people on earth. – yes, thanks for the reminder

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  2. hmm good ..When it comes to Failure , there is nothing like Failure, there is only experience , there is only learning ,only difference it comes and appears in different forms, it’s all equal and same , but we people end up towards it as a pessimist.

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  3. That’s a really beautiful article.. Thanks for sharing your views over this topic. It would really help people change their perceptions towards rejection. Now being a positive approach towards rejection it would also help everyone develop and grow themselves into the better person.
    Great work. And btw the images are beautiful…😀😉👍

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