A Spoiled girl’s diary.


A sweet loving girl
Turned into a rude one.
It wasn’t planned,
But the happenstances made her evil.
Nobody understands her,
She silently cries in her heart.
Her frustration finds the way to vent,
The volcano inside her.
Her friends call her mental and egoistic,
Family calls her a spoiled person.
The loneliness is eating up her entirely,
Leading her to take poison.
The guts don’t permit her,
She didn’t want to be this way,
But the kismet made her this way.


25 thoughts on “A Spoiled girl’s diary.

  1. Hey!
    Thanks for the follow!
    Glad to have met you too!
    That is a nice poem.
    And always remember, it’s your life and you decide how you want to live it. Never be scared of life, and approach suicide, it won’t help you.
    Take care.
    I hope to hear from you on my posts too!
    – Aishwarya Singh

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  2. Don’t let the Kismet decide your way, Instead make your own way! Coward commit Suicide. Don’t take the extream step! Life is very precious! You need to understand that life never stop it goes on. If one door is shut their always another one open. Just look around ๐Ÿ™‚

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