A Book

Finally, I got my best pal,

A book.

Full of wisdom.

The lingering fragrance it gives,

                                                                          Its freshness puts me into joy.                                                                         

Set of white papers and black text,

Written over it,

Full of sanity.

Our mutual understanding I appreciate.

I read it,

It explains me.

There is no companion like a book,

So loyal and gladdening.

It’s the reason behind my joie de vivre,

Tender yet so brainy.

It takes me from anywhere to everywhere,

I have never been before.

From fairylands to galaxies.

The tour I treasure,

From science to fiction.

I admire its versatility,

From drama to action.

The best guide anyone can have,

Simple yet so beautiful.

When I find my life full of dark,

It fills my mind with brightness.

It’s the best source,

Through which I can tickle my mind.

The best philosopher,

To whom I can ask my weird questions.

The quality I love the most,

I am sure it won’t ever deceive.

I respect my best friend,

It takes me to my dreamland.




31 thoughts on “A Book

  1. ‘Joie de vivre’ means joy or delight in being alive. 🙂
    I came across this phrase a few days ago and simply loved it. It actually made me feel alive :p
    Thanks for the feedback. 🙂


  2. What weird questions are you asking your books? I wanna know. Just kidding. We do get a lot of joy and pleasure out of these, don’t we?

    Liked by 1 person

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