Am I too Bad?

Am I too bad?
That it’s only the hatred
I get
As if I am the destroyer
Of everything.
Am I so malevolent
That I have fallen
From grace
And respect
In everyone’s mind
And heart.
Am I too evil
That I can’t accept
The person truly I am.
Am I too bad
That there is always
More and more to hate
I wish
If there were someone
To be genuine
And make me
Meet the reality
Am I too bad?

17 thoughts on “Am I too Bad?

  1. Everyone comes from goodness and love, what makes people bad is the poison they are fed by those outside them. Stop drinking in their poison and find the love and kindness that resides within your amazing and beautiful soul. Find peace and you will find love.

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  2. I think you are too good to be bad . No one is as bad as painted by his / her enemies & no one is as good as white washed by his friends . Join a MAG GROUP ( Mutual Appreciation Group ) & see if there is a vacancy for me too . In between do read my Book on short stories : Journey from Guwahati to Machhiwara , available on Notion Press @ Rs 200 & now in stores today .

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  3. No it’s just mood swings and your hormones πŸ˜€
    Unless you kill someone intentionally, you are not too bad.
    Rest is just how people see – good or bad – change as per context
    Have a nice day

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