But Who Would Love A Depressed Girl?

Ignoring all the faults,
All the problems.
Forgetting all the happenstances,
All the bad phases.
I would just ask,
Who would love a depressed girl?

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. The man who would look behind her depressed soul, the cheerful, innocent girl, craving for happiness, he would love her inspite of anything! ❀
    He would do just about anything to remove the veil of depression from her soul and bring back the lost girl, just to look at the most beautiful smile in the world. Yes, that Man would love her for ever! 😍❀

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    Depression is certainly not what defines us – depression is a filter through which we see the world – and I should know – I’ve experienced enough of that to know. The proof of this is that depression only works from the inside out – never from the outside in. One person’s love will never be altered by another person’s depression. No never ever. There might be a little adjustment for the behaviour, but that is not the depression – that is the symptom.

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    1. Depression is something that kills us from inside, bit as you said, one’s love will never be altered by another person’s depression. Instead, love will help out.
      Thanks for your feedback.

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  3. Shreya,
    like minded people always become friends..haven’t you noticed that.. similarly in a love relationship, if it is long lasting, there should be some internal binding.and in front of that bond, every depressions will be vanished.

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  4. I’ve often asked this. Who can love a depressed girl. You did so – beautifully. I think if someone really is capable of love they can love someone irrespective of depression. I think love is stronger than sadness. I hope so.

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  5. With her grey outlooks
    Her bleak propositions
    Who would love the depressed girl?

    But, out there, just across the beyond
    A boy sits alone
    Comforted by none but himself
    Does anyone understand them?
    Understand what they need?

    Nobody, but each other

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      1. Sorry, ignore that last one, phone went funny.

        Assuming that the depressed girl is reading this comment and poem, I will say this.

        There is always someone out their who understands your plight better then you could ever know.
        It’s difficult at the moment, but someone will hold the candle for you and guide the light you need.

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  6. Only they can love the depressed girl, who know that she’s a wonderful pearl, enclosed temporarily in the clam of depression, in time she will come out no need for persuasion, for she is an intelligent poet and certainly smart, she is the girl you know with the most beautiful heart! Couldn’t resist writing something just for you, hope you like it and it lifts your spirits πŸ‘πŸ˜‰

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