Happy B’Day SumitOfficial!

This is for you, my friend, SumitOfficial. Happy B’Day! ❤☺
He is one of the wonderful persons I have ever met in my life. Or I should say, he is actually the only best!! 😍 Ahh, I can’t express much in words, how great and genuine he is (You know how bad I am at expressing love). He is as sweet as honey. He is a divine soul. Or more than that!! ❤ I feel so blessed to have him as a friend!! He is someone I can’t even imagine to forget him in my life.  Actually I can’t! ☺
Happy B’day sweetheart once again. I know you’ll rock. God bless you. ☺🌹
I know, I stand nowhere in giving you gifts (that’s not my thing, sorry). So here I wrote something for you from the bottom of my heart. I know you would like it. 😛 You have to! 😉

Platonic Love

Love and lust run parallel,
That’s how it is said.
But we proved it, my friend,
It’s only our platonic love,
That will bind us together
Till the end.

Walking on the alluring seashore,
Counting the stars at night.
It’s our lovely friendship,
We embrace, running miles hand in hand in the darkness and light.

If someone gonna ask us,
“Are you two in Love?”
Oh yes, we are! That too immensely.
Do we need to prove the piousness of our friendship?
No baby nah!

Chatting for hours,
No matter, practical or futile.
We can natter about anything,
Who cares, our insanity level reaches extremely high.

Adorable, sweet, lovely you are.
It’s hard for me to decipher.
You never know,
How much I admire your captivating existence, my dear.


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