Unconditional Love

I and SumitOfficial collaborated to create a little piece of writing. Hope you all like it.
This isn’t the first time we have worked together. Some of you may have read our previous collaborations.

SumitOfficial is a creative writer and an amazing conversationalist.
And of course, he is a great friend of mine. ☺
To those who don’t know him, I’d surely recommend to visit his blog.

You can read previous parts of our collaborations on his blog.


“You know baby, when it rains, I get unexpectedly envious. It feels like the rain drops touching your skin tease me. You are the one I can’t even share with this nature. The soft touch of your tempting skin induces me to challenge my desires and go beyond everything. The rain aspires me to melt over you the way water drops melt. Yes, I envy rains.”


“Darling, let’s go somewhere where clouds are dark grey and the rain is about to fall again, where the wind is cold and our bodies get closed enough to merge into one.
If you listen closely, you will feel my kiss on the droplets falling from your spine and down.
And you’ll whisper prayers and that voice will make me love you even harder.”



17 thoughts on “Unconditional Love

    1. Thank you Fairy. 😃
      It’s my pleasure collaborating with one of the finest writers- Shreyu. 😃😍🙈😘❤

      There are more coming in your way. 🙂
      Don’t forget to read the further parts. 😃

      Thank you Fairy once again. 😃

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