Experience: The Best Teacher


People think it’s her valour
that make her so charismatic.
Little do they know it’s the
past experiences and betrayal
that make her so lion-hearted.
Even if the stone hits her, she doesn’t get hurt.

That’s the charm of her eye-catching soul. ❤


This is what happens when a person learns from his/her past experiences and betrayal. The heart-breaks, cheats, lies and failures that we experience are not meant to cry for. Instead these are the life lessons to be taken. To be more aware. God teaches us through these harsh chapters to get stronger and wiser.

Experience is always the best teacher, but it ususally comes with a great cost. Can’t we make the best out of it ignoring everything? We can learn to avoid mistakes again. Whatever bad situation we suffer through, it will eventually pass. This is the ultimate rule of Nature. Good times and Bad times come and go.

Life is a game and sometimes, we need to play it smartly, no matter what. Make yourself the way such that no one can hurt you.
I have seen people calling me cold-hearted. But I see my happiness in it only. I won’t say nobody can hurt me. But yes, I am strong enough now. Things don’t affect me much anymore. And I feel, it’s the real victory.

We all experience failures in at some part of our lives. But the most influential part is how do we tackle it. Seeing failures as the opportunities to learn is the best way to comprehend it.
As quoted,

“If you want the present to
be different from the past,
study the past.”
If you don’t capitalize on the experiences you have and use them to change the present then they are worthless. Our present has to be better than the past. 🙂


Spread Happiness and Love.

XoXo :*


29 thoughts on “Experience: The Best Teacher

  1. life is flowing in a flow , it is needed !
    nicely written , shows you have moved from something mysterious , that helps you to think and your fingers start functioning automatically 🙂 whatever you have written is really appreciable !

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  2. This post sounds so familiar! Thank you for writing. It made me feel so energised and full of positive vibes. Would you mind if I doodled the first poem and stuck it in my cupboard? (with you giving the full credit of course)

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  3. Shreya😊 It is indeed one of the best feelings to not be much effected by what other people say or do.And experience is the best teacher,bitter experience though,is the greatest teacher.We fall,rise,learn,evolve…But cold-hearted? You can never be that.We have to,and must be strong,bold,ushakeable, and composed on the outside but in the depths of our heart,we girls would always be tender,kind and fragile…Our glory lies in this.We are strong and frail,all at once.😉
    A beautiful and noetic write-up.Stay strong and keep learing always.
    P.S.That quote picture with your face in it looks lovely.😉😘

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    1. OMG! Pratishtha. Am glad to receive such a long comment from you.
      Aah yes we should be strong but somewhere in some corner of heart, we girls are fragile.
      I am happy that you agree with my post. Thank you so much. ☺☺ You motivate me to write more. 😍
      Lots of love. ❤

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