Your Magnetic Charm


Your magnetic charm allures me.
Your words enchant me.
Your hypnotizing eyes put me on
a bewitching spell.
Now I feel like an enamored candle
Burning in your love incessantly,
Melting and melting.
Give me your eternal embrace before
I melt wholly.
And rescue me,
As I plead for your prime earnestness unequivocally.



Author: Shreya Sharma

Hi! This is Shreya Sharma from India. I'm a lively dreamer who loves to put her efforts to achieve her goals. Happiness is the foremost priority to me and WordPress is a blogging platform that gave my life a new meaning of happiness. Being a voracious reader, I love to read books and write. Writing is a passion and I can't help myself put words to my thoughts and ramblings. I hope you like my work. Feel free to share the feedback. You are most welcomed. Much love!

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