Happy Birth Day Mahesh! ☺

Happy B’Day Mahesh!! May God bless you. ☺🎂
You have gotta great mind and heart with lots of positivity residing there. I am sure, your optimistic approach will take you to the greatest heights in your life. ☺

I don’t think there is any need to introduce Mahesh. To those who don’t him, I’d love to tell, he is a great blogger. He writes amazing blogs and poetries. And he excels at writing Science fictions. I appreciate it very much. He is also working for a Secret Love series. Now-a-days, he is also breaking records for doing collaborations. 😍😝 But again, he is laudable at it. 👌

Before coming to this blogosphere, I never had an idea I’d meet such lovely people here. And Mahesh, you are one of them.

Mahesh is an enthusiastic soul. He always seems to be energetic at any point of time. He’ll ping you with his “Good morning”, “Good night” whatsapp texts without missing any day. 😂 (okay Sorry). These are mandatory. 😁

He is so awesome that he has his blog named “Awesomengers”. Kudos to his positivity and awesomeness. 😜😍😁

Thank you Mahesh for always appreciating my work. Your kind words of admiration boost me to write more. And the tag which you have given me “Collab Queen”. That’s so sweet of you. ❤ Thank you so much for that. ☺

Mahesh is so positive that even he has a sophisticated voice. 😁 I recently discovered it over the call when I wished him his birth day. 😹😍😝

I hope Mahesh, you’ll give me more tips to write fiction. (As I am bad at it). And this time, those sensible ones which you have tried. 😁

Happy B’day again dude. I wish you fulfil your dreams, achieve success in your life, have a good journey ahead. Keep writing, keep blogging. Stay smiling. Be a good friend always. Be yourself. ☺


17 thoughts on “Happy Birth Day Mahesh! ☺

  1. This is great to read. It is interesting when we write about a blogger so that others too get aware of him or her. I have also done the same in one of my posts. Thanks 😊

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  2. Eeeee!!! This is soooo cuuuute! ❤
    Shreyaa, aap na best ho, aur Mahesh aap bhi na best ho. Kitni sweeet cheeze likhi hain isme. 😻😻
    I loveeee this blog, sooo heartfelt, the best birthday gift everr! Love you guys. 😇😇

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  3. Reblogged this on Awesomengers and commented:
    Hey @CollabQueen ,
    Thank you so much for such a lovely post 😍😍
    You have always helped me and I know will always 😂
    Thank you for making my birthday so special …
    Thank you for your advices about CAT & writing poems …
    I heard you are gonna teach “how to be rude” from next week .. Mujhe bhi sikha do na ! 😂😂😂

    List of thanks will goes on .. so I’ll stop here 😁
    Luv you angry bird

    P.s. you was the first one who called me 😘

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    1. Saale sab rude ho jaenge to acha kon rhega. 😂 Ye Chandni b na sab bta deti hai.. 😁

      Angry Bird. Hehe you uttered it even over the call. 😂
      Love you too. ❤
      ya I was the first one to call you and confuse you as well, on your bday. 😹

      PS: yha b errors hain 😁
      “You were* the first one who called me.” 😂

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  4. Thank you my dear, For making my day so memorable, I will always remember your gesture, Never felt so happy on my birthday, Thanks a ton!

    I can’t comment like this 👆 or else you’ll declare me as Sophisticated Mahesh 😂😂 But I think ‘sophisticated’ tag is already reserved .. so I don’t want to compete with that person 😂😂😂

    This is sooo sooo soo cute ❤❤
    { tumhare jitna cute nahi probably 😁 }

    Array yaar tum ho hi ” colab queen ” puchhlo kisi se bhi 😁
    Aur haan .. mujhe tips do na poems wale 😉 Tip for tip 😂😂

    I am happy to be your friend,Thank you for such a lovely post 😘😘

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    1. Haha!! Oh yea, I’m cute. 😍😝
      No dont worry, I won’t tag you as “sophisticated”.
      Bdw who is the person who is in competetion as you mentioned? 😁

      Same here. Good to be your friend. I am happy you liked my little effort to make your day memorable.

      Han tip for tip! For sure. 😍😝

      Happy Bday. ☺

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