An Unconditional L❤ve #Part X

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He surrendered his wounds

To her when she uttered,

“I love you no matter what.”


“I love you no matter what.”

She didn’t say.

Her care and infrangible

Trust for him uttered.


This isSumitOfficialandShreya’s10th love collaboration together. We are loving the fact that it is being loved by all the wonderful avid readers. And it’s you, who’s making us write such collaboration. I am also grateful for all the readers for appreciating the efforts made by writers to make Unconditional Love Series by Shreya and SumitOfficial.

I don’t know why love is the topic which is only taught in books and philosophies in the world. When actually it require commitments from the other person. Commitments not that fake promises. It takes time to learn and understand someone/something deeply. It takes hell lot of time..

That’s when he says, “I love you…

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