Daryaganj Sunday Book Market: The Heaven Of Books

We all are familiar with the quote, “Books are our best friends.” For a book-lover like me, it’s an understatement. I’d rather say, Books are Soulmates. Books are love. Books spell such an unputdownable magic on me that I can’t resist myself stop reading a book I love, within a day or two. I forget almost everything from food to sleep and of course addictive social-medias, and get drown in the depth of that book. Books open a new world for us and take it to its milieu and let us explore the nethermost points without travelling. Books are definitely the best escape from reality, or sometimes from this state of delusion we are dwelling in. The books we generally read reflect the ideas of our mind, and our personality traits. My passion for books may be justified by the fact that I love to read and write. Apart from that, I am a logophile. I love literature. Books help us broadening our standards of thinking and enhancing our perceptions about people and world. Thus, helping us to write better.

A Book-lover can never feel lonely.

In the ecstasy,

In the desolation,

In the state of obscurity,

You’ll always find solace in Books.



What could be better than getting into the heaven of books for a bibliophile like me ? Located in one of the most familiar and fun place in Purani Dilli, along the periphery of the main road near RED FORT in CHANDNI CHOWK, you can easily spot this place ‘Daryaganj’. This place offers an abode of books to book-worms. DARYAGANJ SUNDAY BOOK MARKET/KITAB MARKET is one of the best book markets I have spotted in Delhi. In fact, it is said to be one of the best book markets of India. There is no book lover in the city who hasn’t been there. I was always fascinated to visit this market as I heard a lot about it. And yes, I made a good decision to go through this place of books.

You can easily reach this place by heading towards CHANDNI CHOWK Metro Station from your respective place and board a DTC Bus/Auto-Rickshaw to this Market. And you will be flabbergasted to see huge piles of books lying in shops like waste.


Here you can find any kind of novel from being Mystery, Romance, Thriller, Science fiction, History, Fantasy etc. stacking up here and there. There are classic novels of legendary authors from Charles Dickens, Jane Austen to the works of young authors like Durjoy Dutta etc. There are NCERT textbooks, College textbooks; Engineering, Architecture, Arts, Science, Management etc. and the competitive exam books. I visited the market this Sunday morning and enjoyed the aura.

Now coming to the best perk of this market is; the books are available at such unbelievable cheap rates, you could not find anywhere as compared to those high standard book stores to the normal books shops. Books available at INR 20 and beyond that. Can you search for book being sold at INR 20 or 25 anywhere? Or brand new books of William Shakespeare poetry series or Sherlock Holmes Book series at INR 100 or 150? Isn’t it awesome. There are new books as well as second hand books available, both kind of books at cheaper rates.


There were all around aficionados, book-worms buying their favorite books and other friends accompanying them while some people attentively observing different books. The market is so crowded that you would have to struggle yourselves to find your favorite book without the help of shopkeeper. The shopkeeper may or may not be familiar with the title of the book you want. You would have to lay down and search thoroughly to find your favorite copy. Because the books; second hand as well as new ones are mixed up lying there. I got to various shops all around the market and managed to get my favorite ones new copies of some novels.


One of the best things is there were Academics books also available. I saw students buying 11th and 12th grade Physics, Chemistry, Maths textbooks, merely second hand books which were in good condition bring sold at affordable rates. I appreciate them and don’t see any bad in buying second hand textbooks. After all it’s for education purpose. And better than books going futile.

IMG_20160904_100636 (2)

There were kids’ comics, drawing books, encyclopedia, as well as stationery available at some shops. I found them cute. 😛 I saw Bob The Builder cartoon book, and I remember how it reminded me of that stupid cartoon show, I used to see in my childhood. ❤



Tips Before Making A Visit To Daryaganj Market:

  1. This place gets hell lots of crowd. So be prepared for the hustle-bustle. Don’t be lazy.
  2. Don’t make your Books List before paying a visit. Once you’ll get there, you ‘ll be surprised to see myriad books and may forget your bucket list. Have a look at various genres and buy appropriately.
  3. As already mentioned, this place contains a plethora of books, you may be confused to see number of books and end up buying not so good books due to cheap prices. Don’t take a chance to regret afterwards.
  4. Since this market is opened on Sundays only, it’s followed by huge rush even from early morning. Good books are rapidly consumed by avid readers. Try to be there around 9 am to get your respective books. It took me 3 hours to visit the whole market. Go early as soon as possible to get the best out of it.
  5. In Summers, heat will consume you wholly. Bring your water bottle with you. Otherwise, you’d get faint for sure.
  6. There is an appreciable tradition of bargaining. If you have sharp skills at bargain, the market is in your hands. (I’m so poor at it.)
  7. Bring your own Bag pack with yourself. Shopkeepers don’t bother to give you Poly bag for your convenience.
  8. Get ready to play with dust. You’d have to search thoroughly for the books piled up in dust and of course you will find your hand dusty. It’s a typical place of books and book-lovers. Plus a dusty environment.
  9. It runs along a stretch of around 2 Kilo meters. You may be exhausted while walking and haggling books around.

If you are going to visit Delhi and are a lover of books, don’t miss this great deal. You won’t regret your decision. You can also visit Jama Masjid, Red Fort and the flamboyant Chandni Chowk which are located in that area.

Spread Love and Happiness. 🙂

Stay Smiling. ❤


20 thoughts on “Daryaganj Sunday Book Market: The Heaven Of Books

  1. Awesome! I don’t see myself going abroad anytime soon, but if I have the chance, I’ll definitely go there! Second-hand books may have experienced their own journey from hand to hand, and they are valuable in their own rights 😀

    Nice sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. OMG, Shreyaa! This is such an amazing post. You wrote this beautifully. 😇😇
    I can understand how you must’ve felt, books and books all around! 😻
    Loved the funny tips too. Keep reading, and keep telling me new words out of them. 😂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you baby. ❤ That place was more amazing than my post. i just tried to depict it through my words. Yes it was so nice to find books and books all around. 🙂
      I'm always there to acquaint you with new words. ❤ :*

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Shreyu, let me tell you this is one of the most wonderful and happening blogs I’ve ever read by you. Believe me. You wrote down the importance of books, how much you live them. Ahhhh! I know it’s bad luck for us being your friend, you even forget us. Including me. 😉

    But that’s something which I like the mos, because I was never a great reader. I’ve cultivated this habit because i write hence I have to read and that’s the RULE.

    I love the characters and their analogy in the books and hence I take so much time, just to understand the psychology behind the perception of Author.

    Haha, which leads me to become a slow reader. Yes yes! I know that’s not a big thing. It’s good to read slowly. But I want to read faster. Like you. 😉😘

    And let me tell you, those tips are REALLY REALLY great for the readers. It’s one of the main reasons why one would like to read your blog post because it’s complete package. Always wrote like this. It’s my two cents for you. 😀😘

    And of course, I would definitely go to this market next Sunday. 🙂 :*

    Loved it Shreyu. ☺

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Sumit!!! ❤ Itna sab kuch likh dia.. Thank you so much for appreciating my post. I am so glad that you liked it the most.I just tried to justify the importance of books and my love for it through words. And when did I forget you while reading books han?? huh ganda!
      You are a slow reader but the best one I guess. You just don't read in between the lines but scrutinize the depth of author's mind. Well, that's the quality of a great reader . And I appreciate it a lot. This s the reason, you are so mature in your life at such age and doing great things as you are sensible. You want to be a fast reader like me and I want to be everything like you. 🙂
      haha! Yes, I thought to give you all tips who will be heading towards it. kaam ajayenge. 😛
      Again, I am so happy you loved my blog post. Muah :*

      Shreyu ❤

      Liked by 1 person

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