dil-li (ya) Iss Delhi Ne

What could be better than roaming around with your loved one and exploring places here and there. Moreover, the first blogger I met and fortuitously a great friend of mine, SumitOfficial. πŸ™‚ ❀

SumitOfficial's Blog

Well, I’m cent percent agree with this quote from Delhi-6 Hindi movie. Delhi is not just a city instead, it’s a gathering and celebration.

So yeah! I’m back to Indore after having a peaceful and the most wondrous journey ever in my life. It was my first time that there was no one with me. And that’s the most beautiful part of this journey.

You know, the more solo traveling you do, the more confident you become. It’s been quite a while that I’ve spent most of the years of life in Mumbai. But I was always afraid of traveling via Mumbai local trains alone. It is because I was always surrounded with, at least one person with me. And also we always take taxis for going anywhere.
So the chances of taking a risk in traveling in locals become less. Though, I got lots of chance in Delhi to…

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