Time and Life! 

Time changes. People change. That’s what I have seen and read everywhere. But is it really so? Do people change? Or the alacrity of time enforces both parties to behave according to the circumstances. Situation keeps on changing. I wonder what should I conclude, whether it’s the beauty or  harshness of flowing TIME. 

We never expected whatever is happening today. And Whatever is going to happen tomorrow is also going to astonish us for sure. That’s how life goes on. Time And Life are  dependent constraints on each other. With running time, life turns on unexpected mode. The things years ogo, we were assured of are changing today. Who knows whatever we are expecting out of life today is never gonna happen tomorrow. Sometimes, time scares us. 

But the beauty of time; it heals almost everything. 🙂


By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. Such a deep thought. I agree. Nothing stays forever. One shouldn’t be so stuck up and attached to things in general. We should go with the flow. The sooner we accept changes, the better life becomes. And the last lines were just too beautiful. Time heals. ☺👍

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  2. The only change is that everything is changing. But that’s the beauty of things, they have to be like that. We can’t love the same muddy season all the time, no matter how much we love rain. We can’t always stand in front of the sun just to feel the warmness of it’s heat. Change is required. Not from now. From billions of years. And it will be. Forever.

    But I really loved your deep thought on such topic. 😃

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  3. The change in the waves are unwelcoming

    If the charm is lost by the wisdom
    Then all we are left is lots of it
    Without the magic behind it

    Hidden message
    Refer older comment by me.

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  4. Trust me my dear,people WILL change and if not..you are lucky then.
    I am sure if you have your family by you that will only think positive for you,but others?It really deeply depends.
    But as you truly remarked time heals everything,that is profoundly true as it makes us more of a mature person giving a much more deeper and broader outlook.
    Much love.

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    1. Yes. 🙂 People change as time flows. And accepting this fact that time eventually changes everything makes us mature. We need to accept these truths of life.
      Thank you for visiting my post. 🙂
      May I know your name? 🙂

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