A Walk In Space 

Set on the layer of cotton clouds,

We kiss.

Levitating above,

Stepping into the cosmos.


Up above there,

Mirabilia occurs.

Heaven exist, angelic smiles

Showering us their blessings.


Skylarking with the tinsel stars,

In the constellations.

Reaching higher and higher,

Tattling with the moon.


Wrapped in the flocculent clouds,

We cosset amorously.

Whole universe smiles,

And quietly admires us.


Lying insouciantly,

On the periphery of Moon.

Woolgathering gleefully,

Listless about the world.


18 thoughts on “A Walk In Space 

      1. it can be..if we break out the of the lies, that the world projects..to realize the inner beauty we should break out from the outer illusion..
        sorry..too much philosophy..
        .a excuse from the writer

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