An Unconditional L❤ve #Part XIII

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Unconditional Love Series does not talk about some friends, or random lovers. It talks about those lovers who are in love with each other unconditionally, without any terms of agreement. Those unconditional lovers who do not need to be present for each other physically, as they conpletely feel each other in their souls and hearts.

I miss you when the night sleeps

And I cannot

I miss you when my heart tries to

Recall your capricious voice

And fails

I miss you under the dark black sky

And feel all alone

I miss the feeling of your presence

In my soul

I missed myself while missing you

And, what more can i say anything true.


I wish I could let you know,

how I feel your heartbeats in mine

and find you awake in my dreams.

I can still hear your honeyed voice

when I am in sleep.

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