How Are You?

Few days ago, I had a WhatsApp chat with a friend. It started with the usual conversation, “Hello” followed by asking our whereabouts. To my text, “How are you?” he replied “Fine, as always.”. Well the reply was normal. But as I was already not so well, it clicked me and I asked my heart, if someone can be always fine. I told him, “How can someone be always fine? It’s impossible. You are hiding something.”

And then he replied me by sending the following image.


And this is how, I realized, we are stuck deeply by the varying emotions such as heart breaks, fears and insecurities which dwell in our hearts and primarily affects the state of mind. There are times we lie to ourselves that we are fine, though we are dejected. In such busy schedule, we barely have time to analyse our thoughts and ideas; what we actually feel and thus we ignore our despondency.

At times, we perform things in which we aren’t even interested to maintain a rigid routine and follow the quotidian pattern. We neglect our choices. But what’s the idea behind living such life and being a nudnik? Life is to embrace activities we love, that enhance us in every aspect of personality growth and happiness of soul. Life is to live fully to the apex.

I don’t think, being not fine is good. We should educe some time to think upon ourselves for the self-introspection and live accordingly. Yes, at times, circumstances become so complicated. Life is a roller-coaster ride with twists and turns. But that’s also one of the different colors of life. Live it, take experiences, learn from them and enjoy thoroughly. And of course, try to be fine. Spread positive vibes. ☺❤


By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. Sometimes we focus on what’s not fine instead of focusing on what is fine…Maybe we are more fine than we know but are looking at what isn’t fine and miss out…


  2. I liked the fact that you related to every thing I have written. Yes, it happens. Situations become so unfavorable. But it’s a part of life. We need to accept it positively. ☺
    I didn’t feel good about you being sad about it. Please keep smiling, Sumit. ☺


  3. I don’t know but I really could feel your deep emotions through your words Shreyu. Life is full of excitements even when things are unfavourable. Imagine a life without difficulties, we’ll get bored of such life. We’ll have no reason to live.

    Still, at times life become impossible to handle. Especially, when you’re in a situation where situations are unfavourable. You want to learn a lot from someone but the person vanishes like anything. You start liking someone’s nature and you come to know that he/she won’t be there anymore.

    It’s been 21 years of my life, I still am confused about a lot of things. Things which are not in my control. Things are running according to someone who loves up there. Shreyu, life becomes unfair. But that’s what Life is.

    You made me cry darling. You made me remember a lot of things.

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  4. this is true……..we even lie to ourselves that we are fine……..and then forget about living in shadows of the lie we create……..we need to acknowledge the problems………think, introspect, act and make it, if not great, just fine.
    great post……!!! 🙂 🙂
    Also I have nominated you for Mystery blogger award……..should you choose to accept, go here:

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  5. If all are a thinker
    Then no be it so known
    The value of being wise
    The pain of drinking thoughts

    It is the greater good
    Some be the way they are
    While others continue to seek meaning.

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      1. I am being the best I can be and I am without worrying about anyone else and anything, that way I be persitent.
        Some get pissed off
        Some find it boring
        Some get irritated
        While a few get inspired.

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  7. Indeed true. As for me, I am fine each moment even if things are not going well around me. Life is a chain of events and I am a part of its momentum. Honestly speaking I dont get much time as I am ever busy in some activity.

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