Her Misfortune

She was always a winner until love came in her way.



31 thoughts on “Her Misfortune

  1. Shouldn’t have been so !

    Love is not what makes her lose, neither can one lose love, if you will take a look. It’s always something else and on further speculation it is always something that needs to be dealt on – a point to improve.

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    1. Philosophies apart! I’ve seen some people falling in love and losing, ya of course it’s not a game, but yes sometimes losing themselves in the form of self respect.

      Well, I agree with your words too. You gave a nice view to see love in true sense.

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      1. Hope can you lose yourself when you give up everything you have for your self respect ?

        Probably the measurement scale needs to be redefined. You are already a winner if you stay strong in the storm in a desert on your bare and not frickle a inch for you believe your position to be intact.

        Being someone and growing above the bare feelings of humans and showing examples of virtues not possible to every human, it takes a masterpiece. And masterpieces are rare, expensive and never lost.

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      2. I’m already a winner, Bhanu. Just talking about my character in my story. She lost it. Believe me.

        And sometimes, I agree I’m so dimwit to get your thoughts into my mind. πŸ˜πŸ™ˆ


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