Know My Secrets

Allow me your heart to write down,

I’ll ink all my sombre secrets.

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. So Nice Shreya ji.
    ” एक ज़माना ऐसा भी कभी गुज़रा है”सागर”,
    मुहब्बत में हया थी पर कोई राज ना था.!
    आज वफ़ा होती बस अड्डे-होटल-गार्डन में,
    मुहब्बत उससे या इससे सब राज ही रहा.!! “

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    1. Cattie, much love to you. 😍 Don’t worry babe, we are working on our series. Will post next part soon han! 😍😍😘😘😘

      I didn’t get this “bandu” thing, sorry. Haha. It may be someone in his circle. 😂😝 Don’t get J baby. We are with you. ❤😘😘😘


      1. Hahaha I am glad that you perceived my emotions in a right spirit…

        I would love to go through few more of your posts today…

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