Is It Really Good To Be Good?

​Is it really good to be good? No, I don’t mean that, not at all against goodness. My concern is, Is it important to be good to everyone out there without any complaints and demands? And primarily “too” good to people in todays’ world. I may sound cynical, but yes sometimes world forces me too see it like that. 

Since ages, I’ve been a girl who is ready to sacrifice anything for her people; basically for those who are on number 10 in my preference list. And I don’t give a fuck about others; those on 0 in my preference list. It has always been like that to me, either 0 or 10. 

So should I be loving everyone out there and warm to all? What’s your take on this? Feel free to share your views.


51 thoughts on “Is It Really Good To Be Good?

  1. This is something that bothers everyone. I mean why be good to everyone all the time…but I think that it will be better if we live life without giving a damn about what we will get in return. Just do and say what we want to….being nice and kind to people when they deserve that, else, live the way we live.

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  2. well, i don’t know what you should do or what should be done…….but what i do is…….give my best to everyone……and its not that i don’t expect anything in return…….or i don’t want anything in return……but i rely on their behaviour of not reciprocating……so if they do reciprocate…..i can only feel happy…….so i don’t hold grudges or have a negative opinion about someone………my sole aim is to stay happy and positive……..but what about being taken advantage of……for that……i do nothing i do not want to…..and anyone can disappoint only once…..because afterwards……they disappear…..and even if they have courage to come back……i make them feel welcome…..but now they can only expect a ringing ‘NO’……..rule number one applies, i do nothing that i don’t want to…. ….
    pardon my ranting…… πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

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  3. Even for people on top of my priority list I may not be nice to them every time. But I do whats right .what’s correct . they may feel bad many a times but I’m sure they will understand the good intentions behind.u don’t have to think much. U are a wonderful soul. Be the way u r

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  4. I think it’s good to be fair and compassionate. Love is a gift, and I believe society expects women to give it much, without discernment. Guard your love – give it in doses based on trust, mutual respect, and after knowing it won’t be taken for granted.

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  5. It is good to be able to help people without looking for anything in return, because that is rewarding and you will gain benefit from it.
    Beware of people who see the kind nature of others as a weakness and try to exploit them.

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  6. I would say it depends on the situation and our response a way to gain respect. Forgiveness is always two ways and quite complicated. Life is never so defined to absolutely know if we ate right or wrong. Be willing to listen. Be willing to keep your self safe. πŸ€—

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  7. nice thought Shreya. I too follow the same idea of prioritizing but sometimes, I also follow the idea of give and take. If someone is good with me then I will repay him/her back by being good to them. :p πŸ˜€ . Being good to everyone doesn’t make my life because I have a natural tendency of ‘expectation’ so what I give, and if it doesn’t return back to me then it feels like I am being betrayed on my path. How can a person be good to someone who isn’t the same in return? Or in other way how can you be good in today’s world when everyone here wants to complete his/her own purpose by being good to you? πŸ™‚

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  8. Even I feel the same sometimes,
    So I think what ever we feel From our heart and if our mind agrees, is what we should do😘 because if we do the same the way they did, there will be no difference in good or bad!

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  9. I think being good means giving grace to those who you don’t always like. It’s hard sometimes but it makes you an even better person for doing so. You might be the one person that can impact their lives for the better and everyone wins then.

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  10. Because the zeitgeist we swim in is the zeitgeist we build with our mental emanations. If we want to live in a pleasant, caring, loving world then that is what we need to project. We build it for ourselves.

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    1. You are right, Opher. I feel that too. But yes, sometimes, we battle b/w our mindset and heart. And that’s what I go through. I completely agree with you and would love to contribute in a pleasnt world.
      Thank you for guiding me.


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