An Unconditional L❤ve #Part 14

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What if I

put a kiss on

your lips and

the pulsation of my heart

stops working?


How can your kiss on my lips

stop your heart beat,

when the strings of our

hearts are already connected? 

With the every moment,

our lips meet, the hearts

will pulsate more and more.


Unconditional Love Series does not talk about some friends, or random lovers. It talks about those lovers who are in love with each other unconditionally, without any terms of agreement. Those unconditional lovers who do not need to be present for each other physically, as they completely feel each other in their souls and hearts.

It really feels good to be motivated like this that Shreya and I are wring 14th part of Unconditional Love Series and you guys are the only motivation for us which makes me write more and more.

If you are reading this series…

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