Merry Christmas ❤

A Merry Christmas to all of my fellow-bloggers, my dear friends!!! 😍💖

I’m elated to celebrate this Christmas with all of you, as it’s my first christmas with my blogging family. I joined WordPress this year. ☺

Christmas is that time of the year that brings such jollification all around endowed with love and happiness. Frigid winters, frore winds, snowflakes, jingle bells, Christmas tree, arrival of Santa Claus with fancy presents that brings all fun and excitement. ❤😇

I wish to visit Church today and would love to share pictures with all of my lovely pals this evening. ❤ I pray Jesus bless us with all positivity. 

Again, Merry Christmas. 😇😍💖

Stay Happy! Keep Smiling! ☺


48 thoughts on “Merry Christmas ❤

      1. Spent Friday visiting with my parents. Yesterday evening went to church to celebrate Jesus’ birth. Today Lisa and I took the dogs on a decent walk which they enjoyed. This afternoon and evening a good friend joined us to watch movies and just hang out. Most importantly is the lack of drama. Life is good!

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