Embrace your Dreams

Embrace the sunshine to brighten the right direction and follow your dreams. 

Swallow the moonlight to wrap up the flaws and annihilate your weakness. 

Pick up the green leaf and fly as it forms your enduring wings. 

Be persistent towards your goal as robust and hard as a stone is. 

Don’t let the obstacles hit your way, be like a spine and prick the hindrance. 

Prepare yourself to an extent that you settle with no less than the cloudland as your limit. 

Achieve success that echoes high which can be heard from the apex of a mountain. 

Dream big, work hard, follow your passion and prove yourself, you are the one. 



Author: Shreya Sharma

Hi! This is Shreya Sharma from India. I'm a lively dreamer who loves to put her efforts to achieve her goals. Happiness is the foremost priority to me and WordPress is a blogging platform that gave my life a new meaning of happiness. Being a voracious reader, I love to read books and write. Writing is a passion and I can't resist myself put words to my thoughts and ramblings. I hope you like my work. Feel free to share the feedback. You are most welcomed. Much love!

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