Let Me Be Myself 

I am tired of being conscious of everything

Let me endure the way I am

Towards the direction my waves head me 

And progress to the heart that keeps me alive

Let me resonate with the frequency of my mind 

Listen to the acceptable and fallacious

Combat with my own reactions

Being artificial has never been my game 

Let me be true to myself and the world

Barefaced and an enigmatic soul

Impulsive yet delicate

That’s how only I can live this life long 

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. Fight with all your virtues
    And look through yourself
    Know thy self and accept
    For only then you can face
    What comes next is pain and suffering
    Because the world wants you to fit in
    And if you were never meant to fit in
    Than you can fit out
    But it must be a clear conscience and not a decision taken in haze
    Nor a choice made of anguish
    It must be a deliberate peaceful practice born out of enduring character.

    Cheers for walking on the tough road.

    May the universe guide you along the way and give you enough power to stand after you tumble and once in a while show you some light.


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      1. Shouldn’t that be other way around.
        For when you believe in yourself
        Opinion and remarks of others don’t matter.

        But a true master of conscience and character, will always walk down all paths including the dark one and listen to everything spoken of, then make a meaningful choice for self.

        For he who never cares and never cared, how doesth he know of what is care ?

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      2. How to make out
        What is fake and what is not
        And if comfort is all we seek
        Then what doesth it matter
        Whether it’s fake or real.

        Because after all it’s all abstract
        What seems a cylinder from one side
        Looks like a circle from another.

        And over and above that
        What we believe and what we know
        Changes with them
        How doesth one fight with a conflicting thought of self over time ?


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