Irony is
We all know eventually the death will come,
Yet we are so excited to live.
We can neither deny it,
Nor stop it.
Death follows us,
Throughout the life.
And one day,
Ends up everything.
Irony is
We go ballistic for every single thing.
Though we know,
These birds, sun, plants, lands mountains,
Any part of nature wouldn’t even cease for a while,
After we die.
Irony is
We know this world is full of good and bad people,
Still we just preoccupy bad
And shut eyes to good.
We see this universe as bad,
While we haven’t seen others.
Irony is
We misconceive outside rough as Ugly,
While sometimes it is inside beautiful.
Irony is
We search for god,
While he is the only one who is ubiquitary.

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