Money v/s Happiness

Yesterday night, while accessing Quora; a Question-Answer website on my Smartphone, as I am addicted to it, I came past to a question in which the questioner asked “Is Money important for Happiness??” The question pushed me to mull over it. I was quiet for a while.

In today’s world, people are trapped in rat-race because of money.  Is money so important? Yes, it is. What can I get without money? Without money, how can I have food to eat, a shelter to live in and clothes to wear which are the main factors for living a life?  Money has become most important thing in our lives. On the other hand, it has also replaced Barter System which was actually harder to follow in trades for exchange; as used in ancient times. Money represents the standardized currency as it is basis of our economy.

If we examine happiness out of money, I see that it is quite subjective and controversial. Money can make us happy but only to an extent.  It can buy me food, shelter, clothes, cell phone and fulfil all my needs and luxuries. And last but not the least, it provides me education. Money does buy me happiness but temporarily.  Besides that, humans are greedy creatures, the more one gets, the more he wants. When I buy something, my mind tells me to buy the other and the wish list goes on. If someone gets car with money, he thinks to get a house soon and the bungalow enters the list soon. From nothing to having everything with the help of money, at the end he feels so insecure about all those. At the end, money more than required, brings insecurity.

Despite all these things, money can’t buy me my parents, my relatives and my close friends without whom I can’t survive, who are the true sources of happiness for me.  Would you prioritize money over your parents? My answer is strict no. If someone has money all around but no one to talk or share feelings, and spend time with, then what’s the advantage of money?

The concept of money is rational while that of happiness is somewhat philosophical. It depends on what happiness means to us. Everyone has his/her own definition of happiness. For some, it’s just two loaves of bread while to others; it is to relish all the dishes.  For some, money is everything and it does define their happiness; they are always in greed of money. While I have seen some people who are happily living their lives in less money. So for me, Money isn’t mandatory for happiness.

What I have felt is the usage of money is also an important factor. How do we spend our money is a remarkable key feature to determine happiness. No matter,  how much dollars we have,  if we keep on spending on us, it will never end our desires, but will keep expanding our wish list, what’s the next. But spending money on others and needy is always a good idea. Going to MacDonald’s and having a burger wouldn’t satisfy your hunger, but serving a burger to a poor child at the roadside will surely satisfy your heart. It will be also the productive use of money. Or how about, donating money to the NGOs, providing medical treatment to the injured, availing free books to the ones who can’t afford. These are the best ways to utilize a share of money as well as for our self content.  Because, eventually it is the self content that matters. If you buy something for your mom, you’ll see wide smiles on her face; that glorifying smiles will make your heart happy.


Well, I am not getting impractical. If someone offers me dollars, I’ll accept the amount for sure. But I believe that it’s not money that is important for our overall happiness as well as self content. Money isn’t mandatory for happiness. My question is,  would you sacrifice your happiness for money?

Reviews are warmly welcomed. Thanks for reading.

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71 thoughts on “Money v/s Happiness

  1. Great post! Although we live in a world where money has become more and more important, it is truly the happiness that we need more of. Many people correlate the two when that is not at all necessary. I am a firm believer that money cannot buy happiness. At the same time, having true happiness does not cost any money.

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  2. Love this! I definitely find happiness when I give to others. It’s so weird. I’ll go on a “well needed shopping spree” and feel totally bummed after I leave the mall. Even with all the new stuff I have sitting in the back seat. Yet when I buy a random gift, or present for something I feel so happy. Regardless of cost. It’s amazing how that works. Nice post!

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  3. I agree. It’s definitely a balancing act. More money definitely won’t add to happiness. But one thing I’ve found to be true is that real lack of money hugely impacts one’s mood, stress levels, etc. Which all increase unhappiness. So up to a certain point, I think money allows for that financial peace of mind and cover necessary expenses, but beyond that would increase happiness with exponential diminishing returns.

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    1. Can’t be said better. I agree with you on all the points. Money is important for fulfilling our essential needs and luxuries. Still, it has to be balanced to maintain happiness. It doesn’t guarantee our happiness until we are heartily satisfied and have peaceful state of minds.

      Thanks for reading the post. 😊


  4. What an uplifting post! I totally agree that money can’t buy happiness, but it definitely helps. Perhaps it’s not money per se that makes people happy but financial security. With that, you can feel free to pursue your dreams, help others and make a difference to the world. Money by itself means nothing if you don’t know how to manage it properly! I’ve heard stories of people who’ve won the lottery and not been happy at all. True freedom and happiness comes from learning how to make money work for you, not the other way around.


  5. I am glad I read this post , very well penned and quite apt .. Money is necessary but only to satisfy our needs as said by the saints साईं इतना दीजिए जमें कतंब समाए । Good souls are always appreciated and I can say glad i am to know such a beautiful soul here 🙂 stay blessed

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  6. Would not trade my happiness for money. If i had to choose between doing what’s right and receiving no money, or wondering how i will care for self, i would choose right. Having money and misery is an awful combination.

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  7. Hhhhm. Money can help.
    I am going to buy a new phone tomorrow, and that’s because I have the money for.
    I don’t go for that new phone just because it’s the new one, mine happens to be broken.

    I don’t know what Thailand did to that phone… But it won’t turn on.
    Buying something new that I need makes me happy.
    I had to work hard to understand the meaning of need.

    I think money can make you happy depending on how well you spend it.

    Before leaving for Thailand we had jobs, we were running and I felt like half a mom for my son.
    Now, we’re in what most would consider hopeless. No jobs, living on our savings.
    This actually motivates me to create a environment where I earn money while not giving up on my freedom.

    The smile of our son when we play together, is something no money can buy. But having enough money to take time off allowed me to see this treasure.

    As soon as you don’t need more money than your own self, friends and family. I think that’s when money can help happiness.

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  8. Well, the more money you earn the more you want but it just satisfies to a few extent. We have been working for 5 years now in the corporate world (me and my hubby) and earn pretty well but now we feel it’s not worth it. All that matters is life well led, with money or without money depends, any given day I would choose to spend quality time with my love rather go and work more to earn extra money !!!

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  9. There is a trade off that needs to be done. You must earn and save as much as you need, then try to donate if you may will, whatever excess needs to be calibrated, above that you need to start thinking – What is the money for ?

    Money definitely can buy you things that can make you happy !

    You must still manage to balance other aspect of life. On what basis are you earning more ? At the cost of your health ? At the cost of living away ?

    If living your passion, accompanies money, well that is good.

    But if you earn more and more, sole for the reason believing more money would make you happy, then it would land you into an island of greed and despair.

    Well there is not strict law or rule here, in the end, I believe it is an individuals choice and they must do whatever they want with their life, right ? 😉

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    1. Yup I mentioned that is quit subjective. What I wanted to conclude is that, it does buy happiness and fulfil our desires but at the end the excess of it, sometimes brings insecurity. Human is trapped in rat-race.

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  10. Well, the good one. Money can’t buy happiness but it can buy lot of other things that makes us happy. It’s also depends on “what does happiness mean to you?” Appreciate your thoughts ☺👍

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