The Broken Friendship

I convinced you hard,
you didn’t listen.
I followed you,
you shunned.
Though it hurt my self-respect,
My heart didn’t understand.
Unluckily, I hold back everything,
Your ignorance transcended my pain.
No, it wasn’t love .. !!
I adored our bosom Friendship,
you betrayed.
You were lusty,
my love for you was platonic.
You craved, I desired.
I valued our camaraderie,
you misconceived it.
Myriad of memories, still vivid,
I hope it to perish.
I watched you turned into a friend, a lover and a stranger,
Oh that’s the irony!!
Or I just accept,
It’s all a matter of time.
The best friends we were,
but eventually everything changed. I waited for you long,
you didn’t mind, my heart aches.
I still search for my Best friend,
All in vain.
I counted you as a blessing,
You turned out to be a deception.
Who would have thought we’d be Best friends,
Who could have seen we’d be the Strangers by end.

A True Friendship broken forever!


Author: Shreya Sharma

Hi! This is Shreya Sharma from India. I'm a lively dreamer who loves to put her efforts to achieve her goals. Happiness is the foremost priority to me and WordPress is a blogging platform that gave my life a new meaning of happiness. Being a voracious reader, I love to read books and write. Writing is a passion and I can't resist myself put words to my thoughts and ramblings. I hope you like my work. Feel free to share the feedback. You are most welcomed. Much love!

60 thoughts on “The Broken Friendship”

  1. This made me cry! Every single line I read, feelings of my past I felt. It touched every nerve ending, sent fireworks of doom impending. From best friends to lovers and back to strangers is a course traversed by me. It’s so sad. Remembering it is unpleasant n undesirable. I hope you’re in a better place now. πŸ™‚

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