The Broken Friendship

I convinced you hard,
you didn’t listen.
I followed you,
you shunned.
Though it hurt my self-respect,
My heart didn’t understand.
Unluckily, I hold back everything,
Your ignorance transcended my pain.
No, it wasn’t love .. !!
I adored our bosom Friendship,
you betrayed.
You were lusty,
my love for you was platonic.
You craved, I desired.
I valued our camaraderie,
you misconceived it.
Myriad of memories, still vivid,
I hope it to perish.
I watched you turned into a friend, a lover and a stranger,
Oh that’s the irony!!
Or I just accept,
It’s all a matter of time.
The best friends we were,
but eventually everything changed. I waited for you long,
you didn’t mind, my heart aches.
I still search for my Best friend,
All in vain.
I counted you as a blessing,
You turned out to be a deception.
Who would have thought we’d be Best friends,
Who could have seen we’d be the Strangers by end.

A True Friendship broken forever!

60 thoughts on “The Broken Friendship

  1. This made me cry! Every single line I read, feelings of my past I felt. It touched every nerve ending, sent fireworks of doom impending. From best friends to lovers and back to strangers is a course traversed by me. It’s so sad. Remembering it is unpleasant n undesirable. I hope you’re in a better place now. πŸ™‚

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