Beware Of Monsters

Reading the title of my blog, you must be assuming this article to be something related to monsters or demons; those who scare us in nightmares. But here I’m talking about real monsters of our lives not those abstract ones. Those who enter our lives to create problems for us. Those people who can reach any extent to turn our lives from pandemonium to heaven.I’d like to share something that I have experienced in my life so far and learnt things for the betterment of my life and be wiser onwards.

There are people who will enter your life for their own interests and entertainments and will love to see your burn in the fire they aglow. And you will be turned into paralyzed smoke. Life will present you such wicked experiences you can never imagine. Sometimes, it does happen. Life is not what you want. Life is what “life” wants.

Unfortunately, sometimes these are the people who once claimed to be your friends, best friends or lover. And we really need to beware of such satans. We need to hold control on ourselves and be cold-hearted too if required. Life is a journey of experiences. And we don’t come to know the ill-effects of any happenstance until we experience it wholly. Experience teaches a lot. In the story of leading life morally and peacefully, I’d consider experience to be the most appropriate teacher.

But committing a mistake even after experiencing it again is being the greatest fool. Life isn’t a game. If you don’t take it seriously, it starts playing with you. If you don’t start cataloging people in your lives, people who are not worthy will keep creating chaos in your life and harming you. At last, it’s you only who can stop yourself from falling in the pernicious trap. Otherwise, you’ll burn into flames. And that’s the only point where the keystone lies. Recognizing people. It is not as easy as it usually seems. We humans are fool. And sometimes, when we are not, we become the slaves of our hearts. Our hearts enforces us to act as a fool. That’s pathetic. I being, my heart’s slave, have disappointed myself by trusting on wrong people. At times, I have been really so upset at myself due to this foolishness. It really gets bad. Our life is precious and it shouldn’t be wasted on false people. It might result into a costly effect. The worse thing, it gets difficult to come out of it later.

Life is a twisted tale. It never goes straight. It will make you crave for the people who don’t care about you. In fact, those who never cared. You’ll shout. You’ll cry for them. You’ll depress yourself more and more. And the most saddening part, you’ll wait for them. God has bestowed you with everything in your life, yet you desire for that someone. At times, no matter how judicious we are, we fall in this ruinous trap. And the moment, we are out of the worsened circle and finally move on, we start forgetting them; life will bring them on our feet and make us weak again.

The only solution is not to give someone another chance who is not trust-worthy. Forgive, forget and move on. But, never another chance. Delete them from your life. Don’t regret anything what happened in the past. Because eventually, it’s the experiences and mistakes that make you stronger. That gives you immense power to be doughty even if you strike a hard rock. Our mistakes help us find things and persons that are right for us. We all make mistakes at some point of our lives but it helps us ameliorate our days and future. Every single thing that has happened in our life, every fucking monster that entered our heart is preparing us for a better moment that is yet to come. And the wisdom lies in forgiving people. Vent out all your grudges and find peace within yourself. Raise your standards and enjoy. Thank God every morning who has given you this beautiful life to live when you wake up. Explore this world and meet beautiful people. Of course, there are more angels than demons on this earth.

Stay Happy and Keep Smiling! 🙂




By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. Hallo new advise-lifestyle bloger in town(comment section doesn’t matter) this post really got me thinking about how I write general.

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  2. Great post! One of the best I’ve read so far. Definitely be aware. I’ve always been reserved and observant since I was a child I met my first monsters. It’s a blessing and a curse because I hate that sometimes I’m so shy and cautious of everything and meeting anyone new but on the other hand it’s good because sometimes you really do need to feel a person out. Not everyone is out to hurt you, and people do make mistakes but it should only be once. There’s so many snakes in the world. So many enemies disguised as friends and even we ourselves can be our worst enemy.

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  3. Recognising good people or “angels” according to you has become tough by the time. You can’t just judge a person by his/her outer appearance or public behaviour… Sometimes you might make the wrong decision indeed… So yeah I agree, ALWAYS BEWARE!!😃😊😊
    Lovely post… Much love…😊❤

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  4. Great post, Shreya. Yes, it’s really hard to recognize people. Sometimes you end up pushing away the good ones when you’re too cautious. Or you’ll get close with wrong kind and don’t realize the mistake until it’s too late. Life is a twisted tale, just like you said and human heart can complicate even the simplest of matters. Experiences and mistakes are great lessons in themselves. We all have to embrace the past and move on. Very powerful message indeed. Great work, Shreya 😊

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  5. Wow, Shreye! Excellent post on the people who we come across and destroy the trust we give. Forgiving and moving on is definitely the best thing we can do. I too have had to break all contact with someone who turned into a monster. The forgetting is the most difficult aspect of a broken friendship or relationship. Sometimes life hurts down to our very soul and takes a long time to heal, to trust again. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and experiences with people. Patrick

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    1. Thank you.
      Yes, there are people who really hurt us and turn as monsters in our lives. The best thing is only Forgive, Forget and Move on. I am glad that You could relate to my post. Thank you for our feedback. 🙂

      Stay in touch 🙂


  6. I believe every experience in life has a value. And the fact that you realised it, learnt about human nature and just became a more independent and strong person……is a big thing 🙂 People who were in your life in the past……they don’t matter anymore. You write your own story. Just plan for the future dear Shreya. Festive season coming up, just light up your soul!! 😀
    You are a wonderful person 🙂

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    1. wow!! Your comment boosted me. You’re too a wonderful person. ❤
      yes, I have my future plans and I'm putting my efforts for it. Yes, festivities are coming up!!! It's going to be great fun!! ❤ 😀

      Love ❤

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  7. I could relate to some parts of this post. Specially this one: “You’ll shout. You’ll cry for them. You’ll depress yourself more and more. And the most saddening part, you’ll wait for them.”

    This has happened with me everytime. And thankyou very much, this post of yours is a really positive one. I exactly know what to do now! ☺☺👍

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    1. Yes, at some point of our lives, we always experience such bad situations. I am sure, you’ll not commit such kind of mistakes again. And thank you for reading my post and appreciating me. You have been always a constant dose of pisitivism to me. 🙂 ❤


    1. Well, my mind doesn’t agree but my heart say, yes. We all have some angelic qualities in us, even the monsters. Moreover, who are we to categorize monsters and angels among people. But yes, sometimes, peoples’ actions enforces us to do so. Anyway, I appreciate your optimism. Thank you so much for reading my post. 🙂


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