Wanna Fly High

Like a twig on the trunk of a tree
Like a blooming bud
Like a new born baby
Like a rising hope
Like the beginning of a day
Like the evocative scent before rain
Like a bird searching for grains to feed her little ones
Like the glistening alpenglow
Like the humongous mountains prevailing
Like the tiny water droplets forming an ocean
Like the fuliginous fog driving above
Like the loving snowfall
Like an emerging wave flowing high
I want to initiate every single day and cherish it,
every moment,
Avail myself to the best
And fly over to zenith.


31 thoughts on “Wanna Fly High

  1. I think the beauty and sanity of a poem doesn’t depend upon the simple or complex words used. Its only about the quality and message. Talking about complex words, some words describe meanings better than usual words.

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  2. So what is your opinion shreya?Entire poems should be simple to understand or some difficult words like in this poem are ok or entire poem should be complex :)?

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  3. shreya i only write using simple words.so i had to google some of the words in your poem to find the meaning.overall by this poem did you meant live to the fullest today as we are not sure tomorrow we might exist?correct me if i am wrong ok?

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    1. Yes you are somewhat right. I have compared the natural beauties of this world, like the beauty of rain, a booming bud .. Like those beautiful ways, I want to start every day and moment of my life with all the happinesses. 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by.

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