Be Real

​Not only goodness comes with a great cost.
You need to own even a bigger heart to show off your atrocity to the whole world. 

Ain’t it? Is it easy to be bad? Well yes. 

Is it easy to show off your badness to everyone? Hell NO.  

It is not easy as it seems. 

Being good is good. Being good is divine. Almost every pain and hurdle in this world can be effaced by virtue of good deeds and genuineness. But not everyone is good to others. Being benevolent is not everyone’s cup of tea. In this self-centered world, there are less number of people who care about everyone and put their best efforts to help others without any pinch of selfishness.

And there are those who are uninterested in stories out of their circle. But these people often comes with a mask embedded on their face. No one reveals his/her badness blatantly. Of course, who wants to be hated in this world or being recognised as a fiend. Everyone desires to be loved, even the worst of the hearts. 

What about a little share of people who shamelessly flaunt their immorality or I should say,  they don’t fake it, the goodness thing? At least, they are better than those who befool the world. It’s not easy to be true to the world. It takes even greater courage and bigger heart to show off being bad. At least,  these kind of people can be trusted,  if at times,  we can’t blame them for being good or bad,  as they already revealed you their true colors.
Be Good or bad, at least be real to the universe and yourself. 

If you can’t give it, don’t fake it. 


53 thoughts on “Be Real

  1. i wanted to ask something if you could help me, i know this was written a long time ago but still it shows up in my reader timeline as added 3h ago so i want to know ho do you do this? i have seen many bloggers done it. let me please thank you

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    1. Oh yes. You can schedule it again. For this you need to open your post from your control panel, assign a new date and time to be published and click on “schedule”. The post will be uploaded this way again and come in your readers’ timeline.

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  2. Yes exactly,agree with u,100percent.I can believe the people who doesn’t hide thr mistakes and faults but never believe the one who act like saint.

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  3. Being real in this world full of fake people is too difficult. Kudos to you for the post. I loved it. Hope you keep writing much more from your heart.
    I have started writing as a way to unburden myself from thoughts that bother me. Would you pay a visit to my blog, go through my posts & leave your views on it? I would be so thankful. Happy reading.
    Here’s a link to my latest post –

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