Heart Turned Into A Feather


I see you.
And my heart drowns in the amaranthine charm of your love so gently,
Like a light feather flutters in the blowing air.
Come and embrace my heart which has turned into a feather,
Before it drifts to a world of unexplained fantasies.



41 thoughts on “Heart Turned Into A Feather

    1. By unexplained fantasies, I referred to the heart’s romantic imaginations in which it will wander, same as the feather will keep on fluttering up and will eventually get lost.
      Thank you so much, Akhila. I am glad you liked it. ❀☺

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  1. Your amaranthine smile, the unfading truth your eyes speaks, iss drowning me in your love. Deeper and deeper.
    A light feather can fly away with the circumstances, though my love for you in my heart will never ever drift.

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    1. Oh My God!!!!! β€πŸ™ˆ
      I’m just smiling, smiling and smiling. ☺☺☺
      The lines you have written are flawless and beautifully complement mine. You are a great poet, SumitOfficial. β€πŸ‘Œ
      Thank you so much for your lovely words. πŸ’

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