Splendid Night

In the darkness of night, the asterism of the glittering sky shine like a new ray of hope embedded in a distressed mind, thus unveiling the hidden mysteries. The  miraculous galaxies spell magic over the land and add a magnificent touch to the whole world. In the serenity of night, the zillions of stars dominate the earth, shower its love to it like a zealous admirer.

45 thoughts on “Splendid Night

  1. Well I must say only you can probe for mysteries within the darkness. The night sky was the earliest source of curiosity for the human beings and you are now inspiring me for searching the ways within the darkness 🙂

    And as a side note, really Quora rocks!!!

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      1. I read your bio stating “Quora addict” and you can definitely count me on! Quora was the first place that made me to write and then the other Quorians and their blogs inspired me to start my own 🙂 Well there was nothing to be called , “as a side note” 😛

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      2. Oh okk!! I thought you mentioned quora because ypu have been on my quora profile or you know me from there. Yes, I am a quora addict, and same here, its the quora only that made me to write and helped me knowing my skills 🙂

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  2. Well, your question means so much to me. To be honest, I can’t justify in words. I haven’t very fond of writing since childhood, have opted it since few months. I am writing from my heart and enjoying it. When someone appreciate me, I totally get euphoric. But yes, I am a keen observer of everything surrounding me.

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