Moon and Rose

And who knew one day, 

Moon will hold rose. 

And would surpass the 

beauty of flower! 



29 thoughts on “Moon and Rose

  1. Aah 😦 I feel sad saying that I don’t understand.
    (If you don’t mind and that it wouldn’t ruin your poetry) can you explain?
    It looks really good but I think I don’t get it.
    Are you trying to explain the beauty of it?

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    1. No problem. I’m glad that my readers read my work and they are free to ask anything. 😊

      It meant, a day will come when Moon will hold rose in its hand and that day, it will be proven that moon is more beautiful than rose, visually (moon will surpass the beauty of flower).

      PS: I am a selenophile. I can’t stop admiring Moon. Haha 😂

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