I don’t Fear Anymore

Sitting on bed my back against the bed frame, I feel something loathsome. I know there it is; the brownish creeping creature that usually scares me like anything, giving tremors in my heart. This time, I sit with more comfort and ease. Not anymore. Now, I can feel it crawling on the wall behind me, maybe an inch close to my hair falling on my back. But, I don’t fear anymore. The lizard.


40 thoughts on “I don’t Fear Anymore

  1. I hate lizards πŸ˜€ I can never sit still and be brave like you did if one crept to a halt within mere inches from me πŸ˜€ Once, one climbed on top of my head when I wasn’t aware of it being there on the wall πŸ˜€

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  2. This reminds me of the time I was washing the rugs lining the back of my trucks. After I went back in the house and sat down, I suddenly realized there was something pretty big crawling around in my hair. My first thought was a scorpion or a vinegaroon – both potentially lethal if they bite, so I freaked! When I shook the critter from my braids, it was a lizard. Poor little thing must have been even more terrified than I was. It took me some time to get it out from under the sofa and return it safely to the outdoors.

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