In Love with Myself

Sometimes, I am good.

Other times, bad.


Other times, cantankerous.

Ready to help others,

But a bit selfish.

Determined in loving people,

Possessive in nature.

Satiated soul,

But I want what I need.

Happy and loner,

And mood swings on top.

Zero or infinity,

That’s what I follow.

Reserved for a few,

Mad for new.

Concerned for loves,

Insouciant for the world.

Love me or hate me,

Because I don’t care.

Good or bad,

I’m real to the world.

That’s what I am proud of,

And I love being myself.


61 thoughts on “In Love with Myself

      1. I never love myself and I have been trying to do that but I can’t still.. My girl scolds me for that.. “Mujhse itna care math kar aur tum ko pyaar karo” 👻👻 Got it?

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      2. Yes but I am not in a state to wish even.. Idk whether I want to wish for someone.. Most of me is reluctant and slightly tending so that some magic may happen 🙄 #dilemma


  1. Nice one.
    मगर आपका पेन नाम अच्छा नहीं लग रहा रीडरों को।😁


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