Soulmates or What?

And those are the moments when you miss someone in their absence, yet feel their beautiful existence around you in the millieu. Despite dwelling in different set of frames, it feels the other person is missing you too. Is that how the talking of two hearts who are unconditionally in love takes place?

Well that’s when I feel, the two hearts in immense love collide mutually in the deepest form irrespective of all the circumstances parting them.

The whole world forces to unite two souls.

Is that the thing we know as SOULMATES stuff?


47 thoughts on “Soulmates or What?

  1. Shre.. just imagine what if a person can have only one soul mate in the entire universe( not in his or her life alone) . it means the soul mate is yet to take birth or passed away already…and statistically very low chances for them to be on the same era

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  2. I don’t know how to say you thank you for writing this mind blowing post. It’s a great experience to have a soulmate. Woh! purely heaven. Just pray to God at that time the time stop when we are with our soulmate. Thanks for sharing Shreya.

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