And there are times 

Eyes see what it wants to happen 

Heart succeeds in tricking mind 

We become the enemy to ourselves 

And end up in setting artifice for 

Our own destruction 



Author: Shreya Sharma

Hi! This is Shreya Sharma from India. I'm a lively dreamer who loves to put her efforts to achieve her goals. Happiness is the foremost priority to me and WordPress is a blogging platform that gave my life a new meaning of happiness. Being a voracious reader, I love to read books and write. Writing is a passion and I can't resist myself put words to my thoughts and ramblings. I hope you like my work. Feel free to share the feedback. You are most welcomed. Much love!

30 thoughts on “Artifice ”

  1. It can be very difficult at times to know that it is happening before it truly happens. Faith, wisdom, patience, and experience are our best shields, as are the friends and family whom we truly trust. Thank you for sharing, Sheya ❤️

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