I’ll move on

It’s a tough phase and I know I’ll move on. 

Sometimes, life presents you such situation it becomes difficult to tackle. Nowadays, I am in such phase. I am broken. I’m hurt. I can’t smile on days. I can’t sleep in nights. I can’t narrate my emotions to someone and thus, writing is the only nepenthe. I sit in my room pondering things and circumstances. And I know, time heals almost everything. These days, I am annoyed by little of the little things, either it be anything. I don’t feel good talking to anyone. Maybe that’s why I suffered panic attack a day ago. I have also taken a break from all social medias, Facebook, instagram and whatsapp, I just can’t tolerate all of this. And it’s really a relief, this hiatus. Since this blog means a lot to me, it is kind of a healer where I can express almost any kind of thing, so I am just writing here to vent it out. Writing keeps me alive, no doubt. I hope you guys don’t mind reading it. I needed it. Sorry to bother you guys.

Love you all.



71 thoughts on “I’ll move on

  1. Hey , When I was reading your blog it was like that I am telling my story to any one. I am also away from every social network . I know How it feels and this time we get to see true colors of every one, we just need moral support but trust me no one is ready to support you , only that person can understand who is going through the same situation. My prayers are with you. I am sure you need a hug , so Here’s a tight hug for you. xx


  2. I hope you feel better. And don’t worry about sharing stuff like this on your blog. It’s kinda the point. It’s very therapeutic; and dare I say necessary? Some type of release I mean. We all need to do it once in a while.


  3. Hello Shreya ….. I know how tough it is to move on ….. as I am also in the same phase …… so I can understand ….. but have faith nd yup time will heal everything ….. God bless u …. stay blessed !! 😊


  4. Even when u r going through a tough phrase of your life you showed your courage by posting your feelings to us.
    Hard to find people like you these days.
    Trust yourself, although I know u already do.
    You’ll be fine soon, Take Care 🙂

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  5. Hey brave girl,
    A girl like you deserve happiness. This phase will pass soon.
    मुस्कुरा इस कदर ये
    गम की राते हार मान ले
    God bless u. We all with u

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  6. Hang on girl!Nothing can defeat a strong soul,a powerful mind.
    I agree your state must be a mess,but you can’t sit back and let the vague things win.It’about moving on,it’s about hope!
    It’s about you making things wonderful and peppy.
    All the best love.
    Keep fighting.

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  7. Don’t you dare be sorry. This is my safe place. This is my place where I can talk and share my innermost precious thoughts and I know they will be safe because I am loved and cared for by people who are just like me. We all maybe different, races, nationalities, live in different places, but spiritually we are all connected. I have felt a deep connection with you ever since we have met. We are so much alike and I love you so very deeply. You have touched us all with your beautiful poems and the ones you and Sumit do together are just beautiful. We all need to vent and feel that we have a safe space to talk about things. We have created that space here on this blog and all of our blogs. I agree with you on taking a break from social media. Sometimes you just need to take some time for yourself. It’s called self-care and that’s nothing for you to feel sorry for and don’t feel that you are bothering us. We are your family. We love you. We care for you. Please reach out and talk to us. We are here for you. I’m always here if you need me. I love you. Take care and have a great and beautiful day today!! Love you, Kathleen

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    1. Oh my love, Kaws..
      You just overwhelmed me with your words of love, care and affection. Never I thought, I’ll make such a great friend like you via this blog. And I have this faith now, if I have friends like you, I’ll be fine for sure. I have to be. For everyone, my family, my friends and myself. I love you.
      To be honest, I have felt the same connection with you. Your constant appreciation on my poems and blogs have made me confident of myself. Please be there always. Thank you so much for everything. I’m blessed to have you. I know I’ll be fine.

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      1. I love you. I’m glad. That’s what friends do for each other. Friend are there through the good, the bad, the ugly, and the shitty and life can be shitty sometimes. I’ll always be there. I’m not going anywhere Shreya. Take care and again you’re welcome.

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  8. thats all right every one breaks once in a while ….its all right
    i am myself in a broken situation shreya ….lost , trying to collect myself.
    dont worry no matter what the situation is one fine day there will be happiness and satisfaction around us…till then lets keep faith in god❤😘
    Dont worry. You hav the blog site and we are here to make u feel better
    lots of lov

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  9. To say the truth, I am in a similar situation, Shreya. Your words struck a series of chords. I don’t know how I’m going to get over this phase, since the only solution looks impossible, but I believe it’ll all be all right for both of us in the end ❤ Everything happens for reasons we can never solve the mysteries of but when we put our faith in the divine energy surrounding us, we'll realise God's actually kicking away the rocks blocking the golden doors and it's taking a while 🙂

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    1. Hii Deepika.
      I feel sorry about you being in the same situation. I agree, everything seems so impossible. But your words healed me. I found positivity in your words. I am sure we both will be fine by time.
      Please take care of yourself. We are there for each other. 😇 ❤️

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  10. dear , it is painful to imagine your situation..this restive period will be abolished soon!! you will enjoy jovial state of mind ..blessings !!

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      1. Huge support and love for you ,Shreya ..you are such a wonderful and beautiful soul ..cheers!


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