Nothing Lasts Forever by Sidney Sheldon- Book Review

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So here I am back with a book review that I read about a week ago but I haven’t been able to review it due to my current depressing state. But I would like to thank all who appeared with such generous and helpful comments on my last post and showed faith in me, ensured me, I’d be fine. And today, I finally wrote the review. Thank you so much everyone. It means a lot to me. I didn’t know I have so many caring people on my WordPress family. Lots of love to all of you.

Title: Nothing Lasts Forever

Author: Sidney Sheldon

Genre: Crime Medical Thriller

Publisher: William Morrow and Company

Publication Date: 1994

Nothing Lasts Forever is an American based crime medical novel that revolves around the life of three young women doctors, Paige Taylor, Kat Hunter, and Honey Taft, in Embarcadero Hospital in San Francisco. The book acquaints readers with the dominance of male doctors over women doctors in 20th century era. Besides that, it is a wondrous melange showcasing surgical operations, love affairs, murder trials and mysteries.

Sheldon has also highlighted the much debatable topic  of “Euthanasia” which is the practice of killing or permitting the death of hopeless patient suffering from an incurable and painful disease or in an irreversible coma. Dr. Paige comes into account with treatment of such patient who demands her to kill him due to his incurable suffering because of which she falls into a situation of Murder trial and been seen as a criminal.

Meanwhile, Dr. Kat, who has vowed to never see a Man due to her horrible memories of past sexual  exploitation falls in love with a treacherous male doctor who murders her eventually. Dr. Hunter who is not so good in medical studies has to search and learn other ways to charm people and survive in Hospital.

As a quote of the book says,

“You know, it’s not fair. Women are judged inferior until we prove ourselves, and men are judged superior until they prove what assholes they are”.


Sheldon has described how female doctors are seen as filth and only as sex objects despite being doctors.

From the starting to end, the book moves with an interesting pace, how Dr. Paige and Dr. Hunter solves the mystery of finding Kat’s murderer, the investigations and all are described in a manner that deeply involve the readers. And the murder trial of Paige, I say, seemed to be the most interesting part of the book.

It’s a great read with a beautiful writing style and well defined plots. Since it’s a medical thriller and has a hospital background, it is engrossed with the minute details of diseases, operations and treatments. It made me know, how hard and risky doctors’ lives are. While reading the book, I regretted to never have been read Sheldon’s works before. Surely, I am going to read his other works. Among all, I was more inclined with the Dr. Paige Taylor. Though I loved Kat too, I didn’t like her being dead at the end though it was part of the story line, I expected the end to be a bit better. Other than that, book follows the title, “Nothing Lasts Forever” that touched my heart and made me shed few tears. Because at last, things, relationships, joys and sorrows, people and life, Nothing lasts forever.

I’d love to share a beautiful quote from the book,

“You have two choices. You can keep running and hiding and blaming the world for your problems, or you can stand up for yourself and decide to be somebody important” 

My ratings: 4.5/5


By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. Thank you for dropping by my little corner. I have enjoyed several books by Sidney Sheldon – Master of the Game, Doomsday Conspiracy, If Tomorrow Comes to name just a few, He has a way of pulling you in and holding you. Your review points out that Nothing Lasts Forever continues in that vein. Nicely done!


  2. Hey Shreya, I absolutely loved your review of this book, and I totally agree! This book is amazing indeed, it keeps us hooked throughout. How Paige, Kat and Honey fight against the whole world is a heart-wrenching tale, and by the end of it, they are sure to win our hearts. After reading your review on the book, I went ahead and read the whole book, and I couldn’t stop myself from writing a whole review on it! Find it on and do let me know your thoughts. Thanks for the lovely review, and do keep up your good work Shreya 🙂


  3. I went through a serious Sidney Sheldon phase in high school. And later in life got to work at the same publishing house as the editor who discovered him. Very cool. Always a good read!


  4. Hey! Shreya. I am not much aware about this book but I will surely going to put my nose in it. It seems interesting as you wrote a great review. Keep on writing more. Enjoyed your review. And yes nothing is permanent but still, we also get struck somewhere and need strength to move on. Well, as you said wordpress writers you enjoyed a lot. So I felt happy as I am also in. Great work. May you be the best writer in the world Shreya.


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