Eccedentesiast (n) : Someone who hides pain behind a smile. 

Her smile 

Like morning sunshine 

And blush rose 

Showers rain of happiness 

And hope of revival 

Yet her eyes speak 

The pain and suffering 

That she has been 

Wordlessly engraving in it 

Since ages. 



59 thoughts on “Eccedentesiast 

  1. Very well worded… I think of the little drummer boy- kidnapped by a king to play, and a smile painted on his face because he wasn’t even permitted to frown.

    It feels like that more often than not- what we present is rarely how we feel, but as you indicated, the eyes give it away, especially to those who know what to see.

    Well done.

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  2. True eyes are reflections to the soul,
    They speak without speaking.
    And those who hides their pain behind are just beautiful human being with strong heart and they probably know how to persevere. 🙂

    Beautifully penned ✨❤

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