Just a Few Lies- Book Review

Title: Just a Few Lies

Author: Sandeep Sharma

Genre: Romantic Thriller

Publisher: Author Paradise Publishers

Publication Date: 25 May, 2017


The book revolves around the life of an author named Anant who is a well renowned writer and enjoying his fame. But, suddenly he has come to the phase, when he actually feel his words are betraying and he couldn’t write and work on his stories, due to his circumstances and hallucinations he has. Meanwhile, it depicts his personal life, his best friend, Raman and his wife Kavya.

There comes another aspiring writer, Sagarika, to whom Anant relates completely to his life and feel if he has lived her words. Thus, story is all about the recovery of Anant in holding back his passion but life presents him another set of different circumstances. There are various twists and turns in the book when Anant starts loving Sagarika and lives with guilt on cheating her wife. On the other hand, he is depressed with his hallucinations and towards the direction in which life takes him.

It’s a short read, I completed it in one sitting. The writing is very easy and simple. The writer may have kept it a bit long and written more. Initially, I wasn’t much interested because I didn’t like the plotting of scenes, but as I came towards the end, I was engrossed, the story line somewhere touched the chords of my heart. Not a bad read. But obviously could have been better.

My ratings: 2.5/5

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


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