Moon like Shine

And darling, 

I can write infinite poetry on you and your moon like shine that penetrates into my eyes as I stare you with those silent eyes yearning for you more.

And trust me, that shine makes me look more beautiful and angelic indeed.


Have you ever felt such deep connection with someone when you can feel other person deeply inside you, irrespective of their presence or absence around you. When it doesn’t matter to you anymore, if you have to do something with him/her except the unconditional love and care which beautifully and wholly resides in your heart. When materialistic things have no existence and will never come into consideration, such kind of relationship.

When you find them staring at you infinitely being oblivious of surrounding, and you unearth stars and entire galaxies in their illecebrous eyes looking at you quietly, giving you loads of happiness and euphoria. The shimmer of moonlight emerging through their eyes blush on your face and you look more lively, beautiful and angelic. Such kind of love!


24 thoughts on “Moon like Shine

  1. “When you find them staring at you infinitely”…yes this happens all the time. I get insecure when this particular person does it. But maybe he is staring because he likes what he sees. Yes, I feel connections (chemisty) with certain people who are not physically present. Very intense post. I love it.

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