“You are a Psycho” 

​”You are a Psycho. 

Stay away from people. “, he said. 

Little did he know, how deeply it could affect her. How gradually and then fast, the statement could spread in her heart and soul like venom. Badly. Words are powerful. They have the power to make or break things. And when it comes to breakage, words are more hurtful than anything.

Sometimes, we utter cruel words out of bad circumstances or in anger, but they leave a non erasable effect on heart. Words can depress someone to an unexpected level of wretchedness. Sadly.


28 thoughts on ““You are a Psycho” 

  1. Yes, words can either become your friends or extreme enemies.

    One should be careful what he/she says.

    As they say, you should be careful for what you ask because you just might get it. Be it love or hatred.

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