Let these tears flow today, 

My lady

As these aren’t the signs of frailty 

Tears, these salts determine 

You have to let it go.. 

Let go.. 

Completely and thoroughly

Those who tortured your soul 

Let the liquid fall out of your eyes 

And the memories from your heart 

Have enough faith in the universe 

These stars and skies, 

Sun and moon, 

Those will surely bloom 

The seeds of revival in your soul 



31 thoughts on “Tears

  1. What i get from it you know, to me it says, whatever has happened, has happened. If you feel sad or pathetic, or you want to cry it out, it’s okay. Absolutely okay to take it out of your system. But, after that, be right there with your true self and keep doing the right things, and the best will come around for you.

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