Ethereal: The Dawn of the Blue by Deepika Kumaaraguru- Book Review

Title: Ethereal: The Dawn of the Blue

Author: Deepika Kumaaraguru 

Genre: Fantasy fiction

Publisher: Leadstart Publishing Pvt Ltd

Publication Date: 4 Oct, 2016

Book length: 448

Ethereal: The Dawn of the Blue is an enthralling fantasy genre novel that revolves around the story of a girl Nashira Jaynes who undergoes a painful transformation from a human to shape shifting unicorn on her sixteenth birthday. She is a lovely girl with introversion characteristics but gets along nicely when migrated to another world of shape shifters named Saturna.

The author has phenomenally described the mystical world of Saturna, its radiance and luster mesmerizing us and taking into the reverie. I could completely relate with the protagonist Nashira who is an admirer of nature. Along with that, her warm relationship with her mother melts the heart. Their conversations are heart-touching.
The story is all about the enigmatic Unicorns who are the controller of nature and live to protect the planet against the wrath of the shape-shifting dragons of another planet, Infernorth. Nashira being the new member of this exceptional world gets to study in the  Stalmare Academy, learn about the mystical powers secrets and acquaints with two ladies, Sandra and Janis.

The plot of the book is heart taking and paradisiacal with an excellent use of vocabulary I must say and I couldn’t stop myself adoring the eximious flow of the book. It all felt like being a unicorn itself and facing the circumstances. There are many other interesting characters of Saturna who adds up to the beauty of novel. It totally takes readers in awe How Nashira despite being a novice in the world of unicorns, adds up to prevent the planet from something destructive happening to it, that one should really uncover from the book.

I’d like to quote an excerpt from the book, highlighting the author’s perfect usage of literature:

“I stared into the eyes of the perilous dragon, looming above me with those stomach-heaving scales and gruesome teeth. His crimson eyeballs, having green irises, glared at me stealthily and hungrily. Beside him were the rest of his army, all disgusting with those demonic horns but not as terrible as him. Yet, I was not afraid; let him take his best shot.”

The book is undoubtedly a must read for a fantasy genre lover and being a bibliophile, the book took me into the best imaginations and unsolved mysteries. It’s an unputdownable book and I’d highly recommend one to dwell into this beautiful world.

My ratings: 5/5

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


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