The Stupid Somebody by Rohit Dawesar (Book Review) 

Title: The Stupid Somebody

Author: Rohit Dawesar

Publisher: Rohit Dawesar

Publication date: December 3, 2017

The Stupid Somebody is a heart touching and thought provoking novel written by author, Rohit Dawesar who did justice with the debut. The book gives a deep and practical insights to love life and career and the hardships that comes in between. The storyline is the blend of love story and motivational learnings.
The book is based upon the protagonist Rohit’s life and his stammering problem and how he recovers from it and still stands out as the best as a motivational speaker through his hard work and dedication. Apart from that, what does it takes to maintain a relationship with his girlfriend, Sherly is the part of storyline. I loved how author has reflected the present scenario through his narration and perfect storytelling skills. Nothing to boast, it is ease to connect with the author and book due to comfortable flow and easy language which turned out to be icing on the cake.

Reading this novel was special to me as I gifted it to myself for my birthday and I couldn’t stop myself flipping after each and every page, I ended up reading it in a couple of days. When I picked it, I was clueless that the story revolves around many significant things which are somehow part of our own lives. We all are somewhere struggling with emotions, love life and relationships, work life and professions and there comes a phase in between, we are dejected, we lose hopes. We choose to quit. But this book serves as one of the best examples of self-help books which would inspire you to gather hopes and work and succeed.

I’d suggest everyone to read the book. It’s a light read with significant learnings and enjoying love story too altogether. And I promise you, it would become the next reason towards encouraging you to chase your dreams harder. The only thing, I’d counter I’d have loved if  the book were longer as I’m no less than a foodie when it comes to books. But it’s an emotional roller-coaster ride and a wonderful book. Enjoyed a lot!

My Ratings: 5/5

Love ❤

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. Such a sweet review, Shreya. 😍
    I know this would be a bit biased because you have been emotionally attached to the book in a way. I even shared a chapter of it before even the whole story was written. And your response then too was amazingly encouraging. Thanks again for d wonderful review.
    Much love 😊

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