Am I Volatile? 

Something screams through my mind and echoes through my soul which I can’t perhaps listen and scrutinize. Drifting away from childhood and innocence, it pierce my soul and puts me into the introspection of varying phases of wicked reality. For a moment, it appears a dilemma, other second, a wandering route for me where I myself lose my position, my path, my direction. The words seems a cataclysm which would burn me, drown me, destruct me. Or perhaps, would make me invisible, not for the world, even the worse, for myself. I don’t fear invisible. I don’t fear the fear of missing out. I don’t fear of oblivion. I don’t fear of death. Unfortunately, I fear the state of being forgotten to my own existence. These thoughts discomfort me and these nightmares bleed me. The mirror has started blurring my image. And out of dejection, I ask myself, Am I alive? Physically. mentally? What if I am undergoing through some sublimation process? Am I so volatile of myself, or to the world? 


21 thoughts on “Am I Volatile? 

  1. Like a rollercoaster life throws us up, down and in the dumps at times. Total emotional drain happens. Learn to shrug it by focusing on the positives, take a break, surround yourself with good and take charge of your life. Though easier said than done, I am sure one can rise up and smile💝

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