Involved in thoughts

Involved in my own thoughts,
My mind shifted to the window by side.
There sat a bird on the branch of a tree,
A tree, its leaves still.
My mind wanders
to the stillness of tree,
Calmness of the aura,
And the bird in peace.

And abruptly a zephyr comes,
And I observe a movement in leaf.
A leaf so calm and soothing,
Its green speak of its beauty.

And a twig falls off the tree,
disrupting the scene.
Or unfortunately,
I’m taken aback
to the reality.


Instagram handle: @sharmashreya020

By Shreya Sharma

I read poems. Sometimes I write poems. And when I am doing nothing, I am sipping coffee.


  1. Quit an observant you are and a creative writer.
    Since last few days i have been trying my thoughts on writing free verse and its been challenging from shifting to rhymes. Good write! keep it up.


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